eke kyJyn alrcia, kolKw Pkoqr.
Alanchia and Kieynveieyn: the Evil Dungeon

zoIkopae Dxyl-alrcia Bicun-Pkoqr, alrcia zsutuke gica-rbadef.dayde penlo alrcia, zakayc-ak DdAme tako D abien-phPk biBr-aJntagaU siAm.alrciako oP Boyn-aikie kodia-oWuW alrcia, otkoyyl qkhkhe kodite.

znoroE kodite alrcia, (trosose, tikr ynyne ti).

zaKainoE (ynyne tikr txko oD ynyne trki tokx) kodite, (toko, tokaKi P toboika P toIkDA P tosDkr)

zosose myd kodite alrcia, toyl.

alrcia ulylu oD zulylue alrcia, tokaKi zaoliKafe saod D xi penlo-kvKile kokakr.

Alanchia the Brave is captured by a terrible evil. She is bound to a stone obelisk and can only see the scarred, death covered walls and freshly painted red floor. She alone but later hears a young voice. A child is crying somewhere out of sight.

Alanchia tells the child to be calm, that she will free them.

The child says, "None can free us. Not the strong, not the small, not the powerful, not the large."

Alanchia tries to calm the child but to no success. She becomes tired and falls asleep, her head falling limp and her body held only by chains.

cabage alrcia, zsyn gAgEme kik-te. zzroE kodite alrcia, tokok D kik-te cabag qdasbonce alrcia.

DPE kik-te alrcia, (tiAe kodite, KaPk).

qnoro kik-te, (tominibe kodite, tr qaminibe to).

DPe (trdydPk) alrcia.

ikdaE kik-te, (ak ulol oD phPk beOm).

DPe (KvbePk phPk tr, lah phPk) alrcia.

KyguE kik-te, tolah BuciBoE kik-te.

DPe (zogAmpePk oyYl-mhi tr)alrcia.

znoroE (toko) kik-te, (totaob oD txtako)

DPe (takoePk kodite) alrcia.

khkhe kik-te, (taobe kodite, Bicun taob) qnoroE kik-te.

myd-zosose kik-te alrcia. zPlmiE coy oD khkh kik-te oD zyJke kik-te, iJk ocyocyE kik-te. zyJke alrcia ulylu oD zaoliKafe alrcia.

Alanchia wakes up to the sound of a man snoring loudly. She shouts out for the child but gets no answer. She waits for the man to wake.

She asks where the child was taken.

He replies, "The child did not leave anymore than you have left."

She asks the man what he can see.

The man tells her the walls are smooth and the floor is rotten.

Alanchia asks if he can get a piece of the floor.

The man fights but cannot get a piece.

Alanchia asks if he knows an escape route.

"None," he replies, "None alive, all dead."

Alanchia asks if the child is dead.

The man says the child is alive but it is a terrible life.

Alanchia tries to calm the man. Time passes and the man cries and begs for food. Tired and hungry, Alanchia collapses.

cabage alrcia, txosos. zzroE alrcia oD ikdaE ch-te.

DPe (tiAePk kik-te oD tiAePk kodite) alrcia.

khkhe (cylaXe tx, kik-te D kodite) ch-te.

DPe (KaPk, kik-te D kodite) alrcia.

qnoroE (kik-te D kodite, ti ayfe tx D tx tenDde ti D kynJyn kaufule ti) ch-te.

qnoroE (toqgAmpe tr ti) alrcia.

noroE (zotenDde ti kik-te oD zotenDde ti kodite oD zotenDde ti tukw) kynJyn, (Pzbal D Pzbal D Pzbal, znakDpko D Kiqkx D taobki).

qnoroE (trkoynkotasPk) alrcia.

qnoroE (oBoOce ti tr, tiguUb zoBoOce trguUb) kynJyn, (niakia tiDm tr, kalzbal).

oBoOce kynJyn alrcia, rbadef oJkile Efa oD zoBoOce tuguUb alrcia. qzkacoyne ulylu duced, kik-guUb sDkr ducede ch-guUb.

DPe kynJyn, (trzucunaEPk).

zulylue alrcia, (iY)qnoroE alrcia.

Alanchia awakes to silence. She shouts and a woman answers.

"Where did the man and the child go?" Alanchia asks.

The woman cries, "We are together, the man and the child."

Alanchia asks where they are.

The woman answers, "The man and the child are both in me. I am them. I am Kieynveieyn."

"I don't believe you," Alanchia says.

"The man is me, the child is me, others with them are me," Kieynveieyn explains, "Day by day by day, without end, in pain, but alive with me."

"Are you crazy?" Alanchia asks.

"Reach out to me and hold my hand. You will learn the truth at night," Kieynveieyn says.

Alanchia reaches out around the obelisk and takes their hand. Just before sleep, Alanchia feels the woman's hand become a large man's hand.

"Do you understand?" Kieynveieyn asked.

Falling asleep, Alanchia answered, "yes."

cabage alrcia oD byne alrcia, alrcia ulugbat. zoBoOce tuguUb kynJyn, alrcia qnoroE(qabageE tr).

ikdaE (iY) alrcia.

DPe (tiulyluyPk) kynJyn.

qnoroE (coykiPk BeJ, coy boika) alrcia.

iYe kynJyn.

DPe (trkaKiPk Bicoy) alrcia.

ikdaE(tokaUj, tominib trki D tominib tr D tominib ti)kynJyn.

dPe IIt alrcia, (trkaKiPk Bicoy).

qiYe (kaKi ti)kynJyn.

DPe (okoleki trguUb tr, guUb gicr) alrcia.

iYe (gito daki ti) kynJyn.

Kvbe tuguUb gicr alrcia, tukix nakDpe alrcia D rbadef zosDkr oD zcoBaE Kiq alrcia, kynJyn qakvKile alrcia D rbadef aksuJe tuiug D rbadef aksuJe tulogol oD ditome rbadef alrcia, rbadef osom-oliKafe alrcia D kynJyn zaoliKafe alrcia.

Alanchia wakes up, dizzy with thirst. Kieynveieyn is still holding her hand and says, "You're awake."

"Yes," replies Alanchia.

"Can I sleep?" Kieynveieyn asks.

"Can you give me a little bit more time?" Alanchia says.

Kieynveieyn agrees.

Alanchia asks if he is strong now.

Kieynveieyn says he is not strong enough for them to leave together or separately.

Alanchia asks again if he is strong now.

Kieynveieyn partially concedes that he is strong.

"Give me both your hands," Alanchia asks of him.

Kieynveieyn agrees to do it.

Alanchia takes both his hands but dislocates her shoulder because the obelisk is so big. She ignores the pain and pulls on Kieynveieyn to climb the obelisk with her feet and back. She gets on top of and falls over the obelisk. She lands on Kieynveieyn and collapses.

cabage alrcia, Kiq D txKiqku.

pilPE kynJyn, (kopame tr ti, topikir kopam) qnoroE kynJyn.

DPe (trboikDk, coyPk) alrcia.

qnoroE (eka kalzbal duced) kynJyn.

DPe (tiKandePk cabage tr, ti blvronePk tr) alrcia.

iYe kynJyn, alrcia blvrone tu D txkoBamku D (ducedu tuxi txPzbal oD AsAku tu tw oD zlisu D kopam tu tw, twikda-tata myd qaniqhu tu) Byrone kynJyn.

nyDDle kodite kynJyn, kalzbal oD zynyne tuku alrcia, kokakr adOk alrcia D txEfa ynyne alrcia oD zaoliKafe alrcia, alrcia ulugbat.

Alanchia wakes up in lots of pain.

Kieynveieyn is happy and says he tried to help her but was not very good at it.

Alanchia asks if Kieynveieyn will be smaller soon.

Kieynveieyn says not until night.

Alanchia asks if he'll help her stay awake by telling her a story.

Kieynveieyn agrees and tells her the story of his past. Changing bodies each day, being hunted, hiding, being helped, and trying to find a cure.

At night Kieynveieyn changes into a child. Alanchia then frees them by breaking the chains open and freeing their arms. She then collapses from dizzyness.

cabage boda-ainr alrcia, Kinit-Kiq eke kix D alrcia ibeke ch-te.

DPe (tikacoynuDk) alrcia.

ikdaE (znyakoe tr kodite, Kiqkr oD zkopame tr ti) ch-te.

DPe (UfEPk kodite) alrcia.

ikdaE (zaganynu tr kodite oD minibu eke boda) ch-te.

zaKafe alrcia, qasulun dayde alrcia D imx dayde alrcia D oto dayde alrcia.

DPe (zliPdaE trki, toPkoqPk) alrcia.

ikdaE (Kaki, tobeOm) ch-te.

zganyne ch-te alrcia, imx qaminibe alrcia D mydil-kalzbal qaminibe alrcia.

qnoroE (pikir-nvpil alrcia) kik-te.

Alanchia awakes to the sound of water. Her shoulder hurts less and a woman is feeding her.

Alanchia asks what happened to her.

The woman replies, saying that a child brought her. Alanchia was in pain and the woman healed her.

Alanchia asked where the child went.

The woman replied, "They thanked you and went with the water."

Alanchia stands up and see a stream and trees and Otso. She asks if they are safe from evil.

The woman says there is no rot here.

Alanchia thanks the woman and leaves at the start of the night.

The man wishes Alanchia good luck.