zkuEnade Jdao-kalcun alrcia
Alanchia Negotiates with the Mists of Kalchun

qaniqhe Jdao-kalcun Dxyl-alrcia, tu znosibyE twte D (tralnicguE , kaIKo okolekr Jdao-kalcun) qnoroE twte P alrcia Dxyl. qaniqhe Dmad alrcia, Dmad age Jdao-kalcun D IkDA Bidala ene sirdIl-Dmad D dukol-Dmad qaniqhe tu.

vPne uldac alrcia, zakayc-nigopv zosDkr koyhe tuuldac D zakayc-nigopv Bidala ziqhe tu oD qdasbonce ucr-undaJk alrcia, Jdao xkob-qacabage tu D Jdao-kalcun niqhe tu.

qucunaE toDmad alrcia, tuuldac qKrde tu D Jdao toniqape tu D oyYl toqaniqhe tu D Dmad came tu D Domadku okole Jdao-kalcun D kycKike Jdao-kalcun tu, Domadku okole Jdao-kalcun.

gicr-Pzbal, (toqaniqhePk oyYl tr) qnoroE sued.

znoroE (ycr-ticam ykr, ti tookole tr oP trDmad, trDmad qFvbe ti) alrcia.

DPe (qaniqhe oyYlPk tr, toPk) sued, (yndIl, toIfmukrPk).

qnoroE (yndIl, yndIl pikir qvPne pikir tu oD qeniqhe BeJ pikir ti, daki Bidalre daku D yndIl penlo Bidalre daku) alrcia, (okole trDmadki tr, trolonraki)

qnoroE (okole ticam tr, troyYl okole ti) sued.

oKodaOke (Dmad) alrcia, alrcia gub-olonre sued D qoKodaOk IIt (Dmad) alrcia.

Alanchia the brave is searching for the mists of Kalchun. Everyone she meets says she is foolish, that the Mists of Kalchun are dangerous but Alanchia is brave. She seeks the flowers of the Mists of Kalchun, crystal flowers with great power. She seeks a hundred and twenty one such flowers.

Alanchia makes camp in the middle of the largest Anti-sovereign scar she finds. She waits three weeks before waking in the mists. She has found the Mists of Kalchun.

She sees no flowers so she stays in her camp. She does not explore the mists. She does not look for an escape. She wants flowers and the mists will give them to her. She will make the Mists of Kalchun give her the flowers.

On the second day the wind speaks. "You do not seek to escape?"

"There is one thing I want first but you cannot give it to me so I will take your flowers," Alanchia declares.

"Is escape not what you seek?" the wind asks. "Does freedom mean nothing to you?"

"Freedom is only good if you make it well. I seek more. Something better that this, better than only freedom," Alanchia says. "Give me your flowers, then we will talk."

"Give me what I want and I will let you go," the wind replies.

"Flowers," demands Alanchia. The wind tries to talk with Alanchia but she demands again, "Flowers."

zocoye undaJk, suted diBom jU Jdao-kalcun D alrcia gub-cyPkaBru suted P alrcia gub-niKonu suted oD zakaKiE txsuted alrcia oD zakaKiE Jdao-kalcun alrcia.

zokole alrcia Jdao-kalcun, Dmad oD cylaXe Dmad alrcia, txcam oD hKae olonre Jdao.

qnoroE (okolie tryndIl ti, amkal-taob trokolie ti D dinY-Dmxdad age amkal-taob) Jdao oD Kadake alrcia, (okole tr, tiRDte trjE ti ).

ikdaE (to, tikitrwUl P totr) Jdao oP cylaXe Dmad alrcia, Jdao toqikdaE tu.

DPe (trRDteDk, teDk D KaDk D twkrDk) Jdao.

qnoroE (JIfkoE ti, tiAti D tusilgun) alrcia.

vPne suted Jdao, alrcia-Ati qotenDde suted oD qnoroE suted, suted Kadake alrcia D (tikitrwUl, trki-kitrwUl) znoroE alrcia.

ene culuniad Jdao-kalcun, (trakagRePk, trakagR goBi akagRu tokx) DPe Jdao.

qnoroE (titiAe tiRDte tr) alrcia.

qnoroE (trtiAie trRDte ti, amkal-taob okolieti tr) Jdao, (ducedie tr ti, tr tozogAmpie txkx D tr tozogAmpie trAti P ticam zniqha tr)

iYe alrcia, tusilgun JIfkoE tu D tuRDte JIfkoE tu.

zgiAE alrcia, dvda ene trAti D kodite tendiIE alrcia D ikoOl-ciakov age kodite. tozucunaE alrcia tuAti, alrcia qgiaciUle tiAti-teJO D Kaku qaminibe alrcia.

zogAmpe alrcia, tuRDte ogade P Kaku toqoDVpuE tu D tunyna zniqha tu. cvbe tioPob alrcia oD minibe tu, dinY-Dmxdad qaniqhe tu.

A week passes. The Mists of Kalchun send many avatars to try to seduce her or to trick her but Alanchia is stronger than them all.

The mists then surrender to Alanchia flowers. She gathers the flowers, all she wants, and then she is ready to talk with the mists.

"I will give you your freedom if you give me the Seed of Life from the Garden of Dinriey," the mists say. Alanchia refuses, asking to be sent home instead.

"No," replies the mists, "My deal, not yours." Alanchia gathers flowers and does not respond to the mists.

"Tell me about your home. The people, where it is, what else you want," the mists ask.

"I miss my sister and her family," Alanchia says.

The mists make an avatar that looks like Alanchia's sister. It speaks but Alanchia refuses it. "My deal. You will take my deal," Alanchia states firmly.

"Why are you so confident? None have been confident as confident as you," the Mists of Kalchun ask, confused.

"Take me home," Alanchia replies.

"I will take you home if you bring me the Seed of Life," the mists offer, "But I will change you so that no one will recognize you, not even your sister, until you finish and bring me what I want."

Alanchia agress, missing her family and home.

Alanchia suddenly arrives at her sister's house. She is now a child from the southern deserts. Her sister does not recognize her and her sister's husband threatens Alanchia, so Alanchia leaves.

Alanchia realizes that despite being home, she cannot stay until she is done her task. She takes her bag and leaves to find the Garden of Dinriey