ghefe akuna-iJkr kalig
Kaligh meets the Akuna Ivekan

kaligh kodite, matkud ulde kaligh D AbodiI-kam ymPofe kalig. ziJyle ycr-Ibal, boda osos D imx osos. aikie JkJykac kaligh, tu Isise tu oD zadayde akuna-iJkr diBom kalig, ak-imx lise akuna-iJkr D JkJkr jakyle akuna-iJkr.ombaE tuAbodiI-kam kalig, tu Kafe tu D akuna-iJkr ucunaE kalig. saDDE akuna-iJkr, boda qolyfume akuna-iJkr. zIsise kaligh oD daydE akuna-boda kalig, diAk jakyle akuna-boda. Pbkabe cuInr kalig oD zzroE akuna-boda, boda minibe akuna-boda diBom. oliKafe kalig oD chiyE kaligh akuna-iJkr, akuna-boda KyguE akuna-iJkr. zhOnre kalig, imx giAE tu.

Kaligh, a child, is sitting on a dock and holding a fishing pole. The sun shone in the sky. The water was calm and the forest was quiet. Kaligh heard crackling sounds and turned to see many Fire Akuna hiding by the edge of the forest holding their double-ended-maces (called Vekvekan). Kaligh drops his fishing pole, stands up and looks at the Fire Akuna. The Fire Akuna are afraid and point at the water. Kaligh turns and sees a Water Akuna, it's club held at the ready. Kaligh jumps back. The Water Akuna shouts and many Water Akuna come out of the water. Kaligh falls down. A Fire Akuna defends him and fights a Water Akuna. Kaligh runs to the forest.

zlise mimasku kalig, Kygu dayde tu P akuna-boda KyguE akuna-iJkr. oliKafe mimas-lah, kalig qKhe mimas-lah P akuna-amon tendiIE mimas-lah D kalig gub-qakirbondade akuna-amon.

zKhe akuna-amon akuna-iJkr, akuna-amon zunraE akuna-iJkr D kalig liPdaE kalig. Kafe kalig oD Khe kalig akuna-amon ayw oD mimas-lah Jkake kalig, mimas-lah imJk eke akuna-iJkr oD KyguE akuna-amon kalig, mimas-lah imJkku.

zJkake diBom-mimas akuna-iJkr, mimas oliKafe akuna-amon tako. giAE akuna-boda, iJkr KyguE tuku D akuna-iJkr KyguE tuku.KitiguE taob kalig, akuna-iJkrku D akuna-boda KyguE akuna-iJkrku D akuna-amon kyguR akuna-iJkrku D yl yle akuna-iJkr. zaminibe boda akuna-boda.

gynadPe kalzbal txku, kalig D akuna-iJkr. zkob pozbal, tuRDte diPE kalig D tudrciD tako oD zaKifDlu tudrciD akuna-boda, twKwKik. zcylaXe kaligtu akuna-iJkr, silgun oD nayne tuku, skob-Kygu hKae tuku D tunijy qylie tuku.

Kaligh hides among the trees and watches the Fire Akuna and Water Akuna fight. A branch falls on Kaligh and attacks him. The branch is a Plant Akuna and the Plant Akuna is trying to choke Kaligh.

A Fire Akuna attacks the Plant Akuna and pulls the Plant Akuna off of Kaligh. Kaligh stands and another Plant Akuna attacks Kaligh. Kaligh lights a branch on fire with the Fire Akuna and attacks the Plant Akuna. Kaligh then fights the Plant Akuna with the burning stick.

The Fire Akuna start to light the trees on fire, dead Plant Akuna fall from the trees. The Water Akuna arrive to fight the fire and the Fire Akuna. Kaligh fights for life with the Fire Akuna. They fight the Water Akuna and Plant Akuna and they win. The Water Akuna escape into the water.

At night they celebrate. The next day Kaligh returns home but his parents are dead. They were killed by Water Akuna in revenge. The Fire Akuna take in Kaligh as family. They travel together and prepare for the next battle, hoping to win their war.