eke alydryk kakho, txbodaci ogade tuku
Kalkysho with Alieydanieyk Together at the Sea

txbodaci osos oD cylaXe APb, jlv ditome APb D tx-tuciona qiJke APb.zulde Jlv kalkho, bodabUk-cibod oson-oBoOce Jlv.ucunaE odackalkho, ohbo cipcip-BimdaE odac.qdasbonce kalkho.

oson-diUge boda-gica nadvd, zadOk lise nadvd D chach AsAke nadvd D nyn-txhOnr D fu-txhOnr.

UfE oDOd alydryk, osostxbodaci D alydryk kalkho-Ati. zPolmiE APb alydryk, APb osose alydryk oD dAkame bodabUk-cibod alydryk, tuiug ditome bodabUk D tuaJlaj ditome bodabUk D bodabUk coBaE alydryk. aksuJe nakDp-gica alydryk, nadvd Aite alydryk D nadvd qyPsdE alydryk D alydryk Rydine nadvd.zaKafe kalkho alydryk, kix kalkho qditome guUb alydryk.

khkhe kalkho.

ucunaE txbodaci alydryk, RDte qdiPE AbodiI-taboD D ohbo osos-qtiAe AbodiI-taboD.Kvbe iJkh-Ibal alydryk, boda age iJkh D iJkh ulise alydryk.zsyshe iJkh alydryk, iJkh dayde kalkho oD qnoroE (pikire tx oD saDDEko tu) alydryk.

khkhe kalkho.

Kvbe boika-gica alydryk, bodabUk-cibod age boika-gica oD ulise boika-gica alydryk, boika-gica boda iJyle Ibal.qnoroE (takou tiki-Wti, tiki-saDD tocamie Wti P tiki-khkh tocamie Wti) alydryk.

khkhe kalkho.

Kvbe bodini alydryk, txbodaci age bodini oD ulise bodini alydryk, alydryk akwae bodini D kalkho eke alydryk D khkh tuku.

ulylue txbodaci Ibal.

Kande iJkh, taob incip-KanuE iJkh oD zakodae alydryk-guUb boika-gica oD zobonile alydryk-saDD bodini.

khkhe tuku, txoli D txninu oD biBr-Ibal, tuku IIt-qaminibe tuku. diPE mhi tuku oD okole dulul tuku, dulul oliU tw. Kvba txcoy aAnaA, iJkh totakoakx ibal.

The sea was calm and the birds gathered on the sand and to eat all their food. Kalkysho sat on a stone that reached out over the muddy pools. Kalkysho watched the waves slowly come into the bay. Kalkysho waited.

A Nadayud crawled across the wet rocks. It hid in crevices, hunted insects and was quick and careful in all its movements.

The sea was calm when Alieydanieyk walked along the shore. She is Kalkysho's sister. She passed the birds who she calmed. She crossed over the muddy pools and did not mind the mud on her feet and clothes. She climbed the broken rocks and stopped by the Nadayud, who she greeted and who saluted her back. She stood by Kalkysho and put her hand on his shoulder.

Kalkysho cried.

Alieydanieyk looked at the sea and saw fishing boats returning home, sailing calmly into the bay. She took a spark of sunlight from the water and brought it close. She showed the spark to Kalkysho. Alieydanieyk then said, "Everything will be fine so do not fear."

Kalkysho cried.

Alieydanieyk took a pebble from the muddy pools and brought it near. It shone in the sun. She then said, "Our dead brother would not want us to fear or to cry."

Kakysho cried.

Alieydanieyk took a drop of water from the sea and brought it to herself. She then joined Kalkysho in crying.

The sun set upon the sea.

Alieydanieyk held the spark, never to let it die. She took the pebble into her hand and the droplet would cool her fears.

Together they cried for the lost and the found. By morning they left again, back to the road to bring peace to those who had lost it. Their journey would take all of time but the spark of light would never die.