vkobe Jdao-kalcun kynsdO oli
Kieynsdro lost in the Mists of Kalchun

kynsdO, aby kodia D RDte qdiPE kynsdO D dilgun qdiPE kynsdO. tuBiyUn, siAm-micmi biyUn oD Kadic ylu biyUn, Kadic kulkama-dash. zdasbonce nicoi-toKygu biyUn, umul undJk D kynsdOkw jd-duBe biyUn.UfE ycr-kynsdO, tosaDD oD nayne ulUs osos-disim diBom KynsdO, skob-Pzbal qgiAE RDte.kalzbal-toAite vkob disim kynsdO, kalzbal bleJ-nayne kynsdO. zakayc-nigopv zosDkr, zakayc-nigopv todAkame kynsdO D zakayc-nigopv vkob-ulylue kynsdO D (daki BeJ-boika, toPk) gAmpe kynsdO.

vPne uldac kynsdO, iJkr qvPne tu oD iJke biyUn-iJk tu, tociona qvkobe zakayc-nigopv. ayaE kynsdO zakayc-nigopv osos oD ulylue kynsdO, jPl tuzon D (Khe Ppyb-oBonwo beBek-biyUn, amym nyDDle DkinI) zone tu.

Kieynsdro, a young soldier, is returning home to his family. His army, the army of the red bush, won the siege of the City of Kulkama. The army is not expecting another fight for a few weeks so Kieynsdro and others have been sent to rest. He walks alone but is not afraid. He travels through many quiet villages and expects to arrive home the next day. He does not stop in a village at night because he wants to travel further that night. A very large scar from an anti-sovereign war is too big for him to cross over so he must sleep inside it. &quotWasn't this smaller,&quot he thinks.

Kieynsdro makes a camp and starts a fire. He eats an army ration because there is no food in an anti-sovereign-scar. He finds the quiet of the anti-sovereign-scar to be a bit scary but he goes to sleep. He has nightmares about a goat army attacking a flying whale while the mountains turn into pastries.

cabage kynsdO, Jdao zvkobe tu D to tomiKamts-dayde tu D abaKaDlim toniqhe tu. qoliKafe kynsdO, mhi qucunaE tu D uU qucunaE tu. oliE mhi kynsdO oD oliE tuuldac kynsdO oD tuoliE kynsdO. zUfE miKamt-coy kynsdO, oyYl toniqhe tu D Jdao age tuoyYl.zulde kynsdO, denUc qiJke tu.

cylaXe gimcad kynsdO, ditadis-gimcad qvPne tu D lulus qvPne tu D gimcad qombaE tu-if umul. kynsdO, coy Boyne Isis D lulus dEDe tu D tuditadis toniqhe tu P to toznakDpe lulus. UfE kynsdO, tuulyli D tuulugbat oD vPne uldac kynsdO. vPne nasad-ditadis kynsdO, OOmi age tuhOnr oD zulylue kynsdO.

Kieynsdro awakes to find himself surrounded by fog. He cannot see far and he cannot find any landmarks. He stumbles around trying to find the road or a path but soon realizes he has lost the road, lost his camp, and is completely lost. He walks for hours but cannot find an escape from the fog. He sits down and eats some hardtack.

Kieynsdro gathers stones and makes a small pile. He then makes a line by dropping a stone every few steps. After some time, he turns and follows his line but never finds the pile. The line never ends. He walks and becomes sleepy and dizzy, so he makes a camp and a pointed pile to show the direction he came from. He then goes back to sleep.

cabage kynsdO, Jdao qvkobe tu, siosula vkob-ulyluU tu D gimcad-siosula D tolulus D toditadis.

zzroE (yPzdDk) kynsdO, gimcad twhOnre tugAmp.

cylaXe gimcad kynsdO, tuoPob qvkobe gimcad oD zulde tu oD gAmpe tu, oyYlDk.

ninde kynsdO, (ykr-itor, lulus tiAePk ti P ditadis tiAePk ti oD itor, jPl zmule lulus D ti dEDe tw D tilulus IIt-qvPne tw).makite kynsdO, (hiIE zakayc-nigopv tx-gicaV, toamon D toabaKaDlim). Plige (vPne dakuldak ti) kynsdO, gumcad cylaXe tu D gumcad akwae muf. vPne dakuldak kynsdO, txgumcadku D dakuldak olBade tu D Dmad nyDDle txgumcad D sirdIl-Dmad oD zolBade domad tu, to toliquE diBom-Dmad D Dmad cylaXe tu.

Kieynsdro awakes still in the fog, and that he was sleeping in the middle of a circle of stones. There is no line and no pile.

&quotHello?&quot he calls out, thinking someone else moved the stones.

Kieynsdro gathers the stones into his bag. He then sits and thinks about how to escape.

He talks to himself. &quotFirst problem is what happened to my line or my pile? A line is too simple, someone following me could just copy it.&quot He continues, &quotall the land is like an anti-sovereign-scar there's no plants and no landmarks.&quot He decides to make a grid so he gathers stones and marks the stones with letters. He makes the grid, using all his stones. Going back to check it, he finds the stones have become crystalline flowers. Checking over the flowers, many of them are now gone so he collects some flowers.

Plige kynsdO, sDkr bleJ D txgAmpku qaKifDle kaKi D tikaKi. zokopdiE loOga miKamt kynsdO, loOga olBade tu D loOga boika oD vPne olabUk-ditadis sDkr tu, olabUk-rbadef nyDDle olabUk-ditadisJ D rbadef ditom olabUk-xDal D rbadef ylun-oliKafe tuaksuJ D olabUk-xDal oliKafe tu D olabUk-xDal hiIE gicaV oD zBeEfE kynsdO.

kynsdO ulylu, rbadef zulis-ulylue tu.

cabage kynsdO, boika-ditadis nyDDle rbadef.kynsdO, gub ycr- myd-kopdiE IIt tu D okUn kopdiE tu D okUn kopdiE okUn D xak todayde tu oD aksuJe kynsdO, oUdw boika. khkhe kynsdO, (daPk P daDk) zoDPe (nynaPk P nynaDk) oD kaone kynsdO, Jdao qucuna tu. IIt-zulylue Boyn kynsdO.

Kieynsdro decides he needs something bigger. He decides that strength beats all his ideas so he will use his strength. He digs a long trench but upon review, it is small. He builds a big dirt pile but it turned into a pillar with a dirt ceiling. He then falls up onto the dirt ceiling which is the ground. He then pukes.

Kieynsdro is tired so he sleeps against the pillar.

Kieynsdro awakes to find the pillar became a small pile. He decides to try digging once more and digs down. He digs down and down until he cannot see the surface. He then climbs back up, it is a small hole. He cries, &quotWhat is happening? Why is it happening?&quot He lays on his back and looks into the fog and eventually falls asleep again.

cabage kynsdO, olabUk oliKafe tusaod D olabUk kawe tu oD bageE kynsdO, Jdao qucunaE tu D olabUk kaone tu.

qiAE sued.

pilPE kynsdO, (minibe Jdao oD zKru oyYl ti).

znoroE (giAE trznakDp tr) sued.

tozucunaE kynsdO, noroPk.

znoroE IIt (giAE trznakDp tr) sued, (zoBoOca tr ti, tryndIl eke trkyf).

DPe (trtePk) kynsdO.

ikdaE (tendiIE Jdao ti, Jdao incip P Jcoz qvPne Jdao P taob ducede Jdao P Jdao-kalcun tendiIE ti) sued.

DPe (trtendiIEPk Jdao) kynsdO, toculuniadku.

znoroE (tendiIE Jdao ti oD keEgre trJcoz tikr) sued.

zaKafe kynsdO D qucunaE kynsdO.

DPe (hKaePk keEgr tr, keEgr-trJcoz) sued.

DPe (trKaPk) kynsdO.

znoroE (txKa) sued.

zaKainoE (todayde tr ti, trki olonreko daki) kynsdO.

qnoroE (penlo-dayde ti tr) sued.

zaKainoE (ene toxi tr, tr todayde ti D to toolonrekr ti) kynsdO, (okolePk trxi tr, trxi olonre ti).

jije tu sued.

Kieynsdro awakes to his face falling into the dirt, he is now laying on his front. He snaps awake and searches the fog. He rolls over.

A wind starts.

Kieynsdro is happy, &quotthe mist will leave and I can make my escape.&quot

&quotYou have reached your end,&quot says the wind.

Kieynsdro does not understand who is speaking.

&quotYou have reached your end,&quot says the wind again, &quotand now we will negotiate your price for your freedom.&quot

&quotWho are you?&quot Kieynsdro asked.

The wind answers, &quotI am the mists. The endless mists, the mists that make destiny, the mists that change lives. I am the Mists of Kalchun.&quot

&quotYou are the mist?&quot Kieynsdro asks, not understanding.

&quotI am the mists and now we will discuss your destiny,&quot replies the wind.

&quotAre you ready to debate your fate?&quot the wind asks.

&quotWhere are you?&quot Kieynsdro asks.

&quotEverywhere,&quot replies the wind.

&quotI can't see you, this is no way for us to talk,&quot Kieynsdro retorts.

&quotYou can only see me,&quot says the wind.

&quotYou have no body. I cannot see you and so I cannot speak with nothing,&quot Kieynsdro retorts, &quotDo you not have a body you can give for me to speak to you?&quot

The wind laughed at him.

zIbane ibal.

znosibyE ch-te yayh kynsdO, tew tendiIE ch-te D te-Jdao tendiIE ch-te D xh-te qakOne kynsdO.

DPe (twikdaPk) kynsdO.

jije ch-te oD znoroE (tendiI daki daki) sued, (zocame tekr tr, te olonre tr D tekr tiokole tr P tekr toyayhPk).

iYe (te yayh, daki iYe ti) kynsdO.

qnoroE (zolonrE trJcoz trki) ch-te oD DPe (zocamyPk trvkobki tr, ytvXPk) sued.

qnoroE (zocame minib ti) kynsdO.

kogAte kynsdO ch-te, kynsdO akwae tuguUb D obonil ene tuguUb oD (hKae kitrwUl trki) qnoroE tu.

DPe (kitrwUlPk) kynsdO.

znoroE (okole ti tr, da came ti oD okole tryndIl ti) ch-te, pilP.

iYe (pikir) kynsdO, aJlaj toaJlajE mydil tu.

zayaE ch-te kynsdO, kynsdO Khe kaKi-sued D kynsdO zakvKile sued.

zazzroE (DPu tr ti, daki came ti oD to, jPl trgito P jPl da cam tr) ch-te. zIsise ch-te, kynsdO toucunaE tu.

DPe (trcamPk) kynsdO.

znoroE (zocame licx-yniedalim, yniedalim daAh) sued.

zaKainoE (DPe ch-te ti D toDPe sued ti) kynsdO.

zzroE (tendiIE sued ti) ch-te oD toliquE ch-te, sued qvkobe ch-te.

There is a bright light.

Kieynsdro finds before him a beautiful woman but she seems to be not a person but a person made of mists but she is perfectly identifiable as a woman.

&quotWhat magic is this?&quot Kieynsdro asks.

The woman laughs and the wind answers, &quotIt is who it is. You wanted a person, a person to speak with, I gave you one. Are they not attractive to you?&quot

&quotYes they are beautiful,&quot Kieynsdro replies.

&quotThen let's talk about your destiny,&quot the woman says. &quotOr do want to stay inside me forever?&quot asked the wind.

&quotI want to leave,&quot Kieynsdro says.

The woman steps closer to Kieynsdro and puts her hand on him. Her hand is cold. &quotWe have a deal to prepare,&quot she says.

&quotWhat deal?&quot Kieynsdro asks.

&quotYou give me what I want and I'll give you your freedom,&quot she says, happy.

&quotGood,&quot Kieynsdro replies and start undressing.

The woman is shocked and a strong gust of wind hits Kieynsdro and pushes him.

&quotI asked you to give me what I want! Not some bad actions of desires of yours,&quot she screams. She turns away from Kieynsdro.

&quotWhat do you want?&quot Kieynsdro asks.

&quotI want the eleven Totems of Daraysh,&quot explains the wind.

&quotI asked the woman, not the wind,&quot retorts Kieynsdro.

&quotI am the wind,&quot shouts the woman before disappearing into the wind


dasbonce kynsdO, olabUk ulde tu. iJke biyUn-iJk kynsdO oD Kvbe Dmad tu, tuoPob age Dmad. zrage zirdIl dykoDma, nyk-sirdIl yayh oD zrage zirdIl qagiA, amon-sirdIl D sirdIl olunun.

liquE ch-te,(obnainePk tiDmad tr) DPe ch-te.

qnoroE (oneki trDmad ti, iY) kynsdO.

toliquE ch-te.

diPE tuDmad kynsdO, tuoPob oD qdasbonce tu, tu ulylue tu.


Kieynsdro waits with anticipation but then sits down again. He eats an army ration and takes a flower from his bag. The flower's petals are made from beautiful blue crystal and the stem is made from flexible green crystal.

The woman appears and asks, &quotDo you like my flowers?&quot

&quotThey make me wonder, yes,&quot Kiensdro says.

The woman disappears again.

Kieynsdro puts the flower back in his bag. He then waits until he falls asleep.

cabage kynsdO, ojol vkob-kaone tu D sirdIl-Dmad diBom eke ojol oD vkobe Jdao tu, diBom-Dmad. liquE ch-te, Jdao-Dmad sirdIl qKande ch-te. zaKafe kynsdO, tu boika D ch-te sDkr oD ucunaE tu tu, kodite tendiIE tu oD DPe (dakiDk) kynsdO. DPe ch-te D DPe sued, (iYPk tr, kitrwUl trki). zayde kynsdO, tokaKi D tu tokodia oD qoliKafe tu, tooliKafe tu D tu qoIkopae ch-te. DPe (iYePk trJcoz tr, Kaki ayde tr D Kaki tsakoe tr) ch-te, pilP. ucunaE ayd-tu kynsdO, (iYe ti, trkitrwUl) iYe tu D kaKi ene IIt tu. qnoroE (Kvbe tiDmad tr) chte, sirdIl-Dmad okole ch-te. oBoOce Dmad kynsdO, aJnteg nlim ducede Dmad. znoroE (Dmadki, licx-dykoDma) ch-te. znoroE (cylaXa yniedalim tr, Dm-liqu duceda dykoDma) sued. makite (ena licx yniedalim, boda akwaa trDmad) ch-te. makite (kalzbalki, trkr qgiAA tisuted D yniedalim trokola tu)sued. DPe (toylaPk ti) kynsdO. noroE (trtako, Kaki qdiPE tr P ycr-ytvX) ch-te, piP. saDDE kynsdO.

Kieynsdro awakes in the middle of a field of crystal flowers. He is still in the mists but with many flowers. The woman is there holding a mist-crystal-flower. Kieynsdro stands up but he is small and the woman is big. He is a child. &quotWhat is this?&quot he asks. &quotDo you agree to our deal?&quot the woman and the wind ask. Kieynsdro becomes old and weak. He stubles but does not fall because the woman catches him. &quotOr do you accept your destiny to grow old and die here?&quot she asks happily. Kieynsdro looks at his old body. &quotI accept your deal,&quot he says, he is strong again. &quotThen take my flower,&quot the woman says, giving him the crystal-flower. Kieynsdro reaches for the flower but it turns into a ghostly tattoo. &quotThe flower has eleven petals,&quot says the woman. &quotAs you gather totems, petals will become more real,&quot says the wind. &quotWhen you have eleven totems, put the flower onto water,&quot continues the woman. &quotThat night my avatar will arrive and you will giver them the totems,&quot continues the wind. &quotAnd if I fail,&quot Kieynsdro asks. &quotThen when you die, you'll return here to be alone forever,&quot says the woman happily. Kieynsdro is afraid.

kiBre (trzulylue) ch-te, kynsdO-saod zakvKile tuguUb D kynsdO-gAmpx daJe tuguUb. zacabage kynsdO, toJdao D toch-te D tuuldac ykr ogade tu. qucunaE tuoPob kynsdO, sirdIl-Dmad niqhe tu oD ucunaE tuEfa kynsdO, aJnteg niqhe tu. qnoroE (ene biBr-nyna ti, kitrwUl znakDpe ti) kynsdO oD tuda cylaXe tu D zakayc-nigopv qainibe tu.

&quotNow sleep,&quot orders the woman, her hand pushing his head, touching his mind. Kieynsdro awakes suddenly. The mists are gone, the woman is gone, and he is at his first camp. He searches his bag and finds the crystal-flowers. He looks at his arm and finds the tattoo. &quotI have a new goal, a deal to finish,&quot Kieynsdro says. He gathers his things and leaves the anti-sovereign-scar.