Mythical Creatures

Below are listed and described a variety of mythical creatures and monster from the myths of Andrarik.

Social Group Creatures

"Civilized" Creatures

Creatures that live either in and among the Tseuh and their society or in some other society that would be recognizable by the Tseuh to be "equally civilized".

The Dindro

The Dindro are a magical people who live in caves. They trade for food but are tricky. They will give either stone tools and carvings or false metals and gems (which are merely pieces of lead and other common metals they have converted to look like the precious metals). The false metals usually revert to normal after a day.

The Dindro are balding with long hair (and often beards). They all have an eye on the back of their heads (in the bald patch). This eye, if seen, will open. Male Dindro's rear eye will cause paralyzing fear and eventually even death. Female Dindro's rear eye will cause extreme joy and have been blamed for many an accidental or anti-loyal tryst (and subsequent bastard child). Dindro are immune to each-others rear eyes.

Keuhranysh - Humanoid Antelope type creature

Very strong and bulkier than you might expect.

Often take up careers as mercenaries.

Deeply religious though they mostly keep that to themselves.

Their people live as nomads in the prairies. They often travel with herds of other animals.

Their young are sometimes accidentally killed by farmers after being mistaken for wild game.

They have their own language called Keuhran but usually also know Dommudsje.

Dachive - Humanoid Amphibian

Civilized (lives in cities offshore or in hidden valleys). Their foot soldiers are avid defenders of life. They will fight to stop those who wish to destroy life. Their commoners are mostly sea (and lake) farmers and they trade for their other supplies. Their poor reasoning means that they may be tricked or fooled into following the wrong cause.

They are always on time & where needed most.

They can heal just by being in fresh water.

Abolandalloch - Love bound and tied people

They are almost indistinguishable from ordinary Tseuh. The main difference comes to their romantic practices and effects. When they love someone and are ready they gift a flame to that person. This flame literally becomes their life for if it is extinguished then they die but as long as it survives both the Abolandalloch and their partner will live without aging or dying through natural means. The recipient can return the flame which restores both to normal life and removes the threat to the Abolandalloch should the flame die. Because of the risk they take it is rare for a Abolandalloch to make the gift of it's flame but when one does it is considered one of the most romantic actions possible.

Some groups outside of mythology have created a cultural marriage custom out of this gifting of flames of love though the penalty of death is not generally a side effect of the flame's death.

Jekavell - People with Antlers

Look like Tseuh but have antlers growing out of their heads. They are relatively rare and usually live in close-knit communities in the wilderness. Their antlers can be transplanted between members of the community or onto a Tseuh. This has the side effect of implanting part of the personality and mind of the person whose antler it is into the recipient of the antler. Some couples use this to form a tighter bond while other people may try to use it to "remember" a loved one or potentially even for trying to get information that they otherwise could not get.

"Tribal" Creatures

Social creatures whose level of technology is generally much lower than the more-technologically advanced Tseuh communities and whose social structure most resembles that of Tseuh tribal societies.

Otso - Playful & Naive Forest Dwelling Creatures

Very small (only about 1 ft tall). Ears and tail end with a tiny nodule that is inflated for flight

Colourful hair that changes colour depending on their proximity to their mate (blue=near, purple=medium, red=far, yellow=lost [fading to green over time])

Likes tying bows & knots.

Likes following Chiprull around & annoying them.

Nearly perfectly silent when flying or moving. If merely floating, capable of not making a single noise.

Cannot learn Tseuhoad.

In older stories are more malevolent or hostile towards people and have been known to trick children and drain them of life (also usually are dressed in poorer condition clothing and more robes in those stories).

Illdonnoad - Solemn Magical Desert Dwellers

Grey skin and sand or rock coloured rough hair. Their faces seem as though they have been eroded by the winds. They usually are found wearing long hooded robes that cover the head.

Often have long leathery tails that drag behind them.

Live in roving bands who wander the desert.

Usually cooperative to lone travellers in the deserts and hostile/mischievous towards larger groups who are competing for the same resources.

They are able to survive without water and with only minimum food for weeks without taking harm.

Some of their elders are said to possess the power to change one's destiny. However they do this by changing the person into someone who has the desired destiny and usually there is a catch that the "client" was not expecting.

Sometimes called the Otso of the desert.

Roadanegg - Mischievous and Violent Troublemakers

Very thin with drooping earlobes and forked noses.

Quite fast and always causing trouble with other races.

Very lucky when it comes to catching things.

Every time a limb is damaged it is replaced by a new one on the other side of the body.

Veandegholl Abisnanan - Magically Augmented/Transformed Roadanegg

Basically a Roadanegg that has been transformed in a special ceremony. It is much bigger and stronger than a usual Roadanegg and has a giant jewel encrusted bolt run through its chest. Four arms each wielding a club.

Quite fast and always causing trouble with other races.

Very lucky when it comes to catching things.

Resistant to taking damage from stone and metal weapons.


Either non-social or otherwise generally solitary or non-cooperative creatures.

Kikraannyshiiey-kokoad - "Astronaut Zombie"

In orbital facilities there are mummified (and yet still living) people. They are brutal and if ever brought to the surface they will destroy and kill most people. They are filled with "ancient life" and will classically turn their recently dead prey into monstrous creatures with long claws and gaunt faces with hollow eyes.

The forces of Evil are known to try to cooperate with these creatures as they see them to be powerful allies in their fight against what is nominally labeled as good. Attempts at alliance are famous for not lasting long.

Chanromikramts ("Long Tooth")

A mythical female-only Vampire like species with a retractable long center-front tooth that they use to suck blood. When the tooth is retracted they are almost impossible to differentiate from a regular person.

After sucking the blood of a man they become pregnant with a child (of themself and the man). The child and its father see each-other's lives when asleep. This ends when the child comes of age and ritualistically kills the father (or tries to).

If they ever suck the blood of a woman, they choke on it and die. Also the woman then becomes impregnated with a child that is a different kind of creature, called a Kinkrad, who is very dangerous to the "Long Tooths".

Kinkrad - "Claw Belly"

Kinkrad are born of a normal woman and a Chanromikramts. When only an infant they look like a normal person with the exception of a starburst birthmark on their belly. As they grow, the birthmark hardens and grows what look like small claws.

Once in puberty they grow very strong and gain a thick skin that is hard to pierce (Chanromikramts' tooth cannot pierce it). If they undergo any extreme trauma or stress then their final transformation will take place. This final transformation tears the skin between their belly claws and gives them a sucker-mouth-like orifice that they can use (with the help of their belly claws) to grab onto the belly of someone and impregnate them with. This impregnation process will kill any Chanromikramts it is attempted on.

If they try to impregnate a woman then the child will be a Neggkinkran. If they try to impregnate a man the child will be born a normal person (as though the Kinkrad's mother and the man had had a baby themselves).

Neggkinkran - "Claw Face" - "Claw Slave"

Neggkinkran are genderless creatures who serve Kinkrad (and sometimes other Tseuhoad). They are born of a normal woman and a Kinkrad. They grow no larger than a 9 year-old child and instead of a face they have a monstrous claw-surrounded sucker-mouth. It ins't known how they can see without eyes but they do not seem to the affected by this apparent disability.

They are submissive to any Kinkrad and will never harm them (or their own mother). They are brutal when facing off with Chanromikramts though they lack the thicker skin to protect them from having their blood sucked.

If alone or if their Kinkrad master has been killed they are very dangerous and will attack almost anyone who comes near.

Tseuh-Cheuhrieynan - Mirror Person

A creature that always looks like its last prey (except when it sleeps)

When asleep: Looks like a small rock with little arms and legs and a face. In this, their natural form, they are almost always found wearing tiny vests with gold coloured buttons (shiny – proving they are not false mirrors)

It looks like and has the innate attributes of whatever it has decided to hunt.

Usually lives and hunt alone

The main giveaways are:

Akuna - Sentient or Artificially Living Creatures

Akuna are the descendants of various base materials given life. The original generation are not generally called Akuna as they are mindless and lack the ability to communicate. Their descendants however are sentient and capable of forming social groups and entering into alliances with other Akuna (and occasionally other non-Akuna creatures).

Bodaa - Water

Descendent of water that was infused with life.

They have a vibrant civilization that lives at the bottoms of lakes (rivers act as roads for them). They have art, science, philosophy and government.

Most people don't think they have minds and they like to keep that impression going to protect themselves.

Ivekan - Fire

Descendant of fire that was infused with life.

They life in sparse tribes in arid areas & underground.

While they lack unifying organization they cooperate when it comes to fighting the Akuna-Bodaa.

They are careful around people and try their best to help and protect them.

Most people don't think they have minds and they like to keep that impression going to protect themselves.

Their traditional weapon is a double headed mace: the Vekvekan

Amonn - Plant

Plant parts that have magic and leave the rest of the plant in order to fight the Akuna-Ivekan.

Possibly the most determined Akuna. Willing to sacrifice everything to win the war (even killing other plants).

Unafraid of people they are willing to fight in the open if it means winning the war.

Have been known to self-pollute with evil.

Chuload - Copper

Copper wire creature that is descended from metal that had life put into it.

The only metal Akuna that are not aligned with the Akuna-Ivekan. They prefer to remain neutral and live inside the walls of buildings in cities to stay out of reach of both warring groups.

They only speak the main local language (not Tseuhoad) having learned it from the people in their home.

Friendly if a bit naive. Very trusting of people and other sentient non-Akuna. (Though never trusting of any Metal, fire or water Akuna).

Krakansi - Metal Container

A large metal container shaped creature usually with a crossbow on the front and almost exclusively usually made up of iron or steel.

They usually act as the transports and nursemaids for non-Chuload metal Akuna. They may also be left to watch Akuna-Ivekan children but only rarely.

They only speak Tseuhoad and have a bit better skill with magic in order to better help children who might have been born with a weaker magical ability (or none at all).

They are wary of interactions with people.

Chinach - Metal Sword

A small metal creature with sharpened limbs and body. Usually made up of Iron or Steel but sometimes they are found made up of bronze.

They are quick to fight for their cause. They usually speak Tseuhoad and Cheuhxoonka.

They do not trust people much.

Elemental Forces

Creatures that represent or are primarily tied to one of the basic ethereal elements of the universe (of Andrarik mythology): Goodness, Evil, Life, and Magic

Beings of Goodness

Ilmanch - Person-sized Winged Insect

Males are brighter coloured while females have thicker carapaces. They abhor killing those who are good and have as their life goals the eradication of all Evil. While their memory is excellent, their luck and reasoning are not which leads to many mistakes. They will work with Tseuh to fight evil monsters but will turn on them if too many innocents are killed.

They are technically impervious to evil and as such cannot be infused with it through magical means.

Pribold - A Person Sized Centipede creature.

They are impervious to evil but follow a doctrine of balance. As a result they seek to spread evil until it is in equal density to good. Always willing to make a deal that will increase balance (but will break it once a new deal arises). They study Evil and Good and as a result are quite knowledgeable in its ways. They can examine people's souls to determine the extent of their evil, corruption, goodness and other aspects of their personality

They are technically impervious to evil and as such cannot be infused with it through magical means.

Beings of Evil

Rikdo - Small Demons

A small red Demon-like creature with diamond horns and forked eyes.

It is not native to the natural world. Can only be brought here through summoning.

It will vaguely follow the orders of its summoner for a time (while infesting the summoner and whoever else it can with evil).

If hurt, will drain life to heal. Will never take an action against another servant of its dark masters.

When killed, the body disappears, leaving behind only the diamond horns.

Undrainable amounts of evil. Its evil cannot be drained

Maghmoad - A sentient evil floating stone cube with arms

Its kind were created long ago by an ancient evil. Intensely evil and hating of modern life (only tolerates it for the evil it does). Prefer to dwell in darkness. Working evil from a distance. "Dies" if all evil is drained (Actually commits suicide as its last evil act).

They are "powered" by ancient life and as such is magically un-drainable by those lacking the necessary realm .


Small Creatures with forked fingers and tails tipped with obsidian blades. Their teeth are an assortment of different gemstones and flecks of metal.

Often found brewing potions and building tools for the forces of evil

Rarely operate on their own, usually in the company of other creatures

Curious and industrious creatures capable of reverse engineering most devices quickly and easily

Undrainable amounts of evil. Its evil cannot be drained


Great tall creatures with thick round torsos and thick legs. Their knees and elbows are studded with gemstones.

They can attack a subject by trying to replace their memories with new twisted versions.

They wear only a rough rope belt and carry a knife tucked in it.

They serve their master and their mission faithfully and will even deal faithfully with non-evil entities.

Their magic feels like a burning sensation within the body and mind of their target.

Undrainable amounts of evil. Its evil cannot be drained


Short (3-4ft) triple eyed creatures with rough skin and teeth made of diamond shards. Their irises look as though they are made from gemstones (and are if they can be removed).

They eat primarily salt, sand or bones.

They live in little tribes where they keep people imprisoned in cages. You will only find as many Chambats as there are still living prisoners in the tribal camp. This is because, if the Chambats feel a fight is lost, their soul & mind disappears off to the fires-below to reform into a new body and the mind & soul of one of their prisoners is placed into their body. That prisoner's old body is rendered into sandstone by this departure.

They can speak the languages known by the prisoner who will take their body should they flee.

Undrainable amounts of evil. Its evil cannot be drained.


Sturdy bodied demon-creatures with thick and powerful arms and legs. Their hands have 3 fingers flanked by a pair of thumbs. Their mouth has two blunt quartz crystal teeth they use to grind their food into pulp with.

They primarily use spears or stolen crossbows. They are very poor planners and are usually harmless and mostly defenseless unless there is a powerful evil to guide them. They can understand any language but cannot speak more than a handful of words. The words they do pick up are words that they like the sound of and just repeat them without meaning in order to confound and frustrate their opponents (and their more competent allies).

Undrainable amounts of evil. Its evil cannot be drained.

Beings of Life and Knowledge

Akalimno - Eternal bored knowledge seekers

A creature that cannot die and yet actually are not old enough to be made of ancient life. They are weary of their many years and have grown ever more neutral with time. They will grant knowledge for a fee (usually something novel or interesting). Have a fading devotion to an old religion but understand and appreciate the Tseuh's recent switch to a more religion-less way of life. Excellent listeners (unless they become bored).

They cannot be killed.

Animalistic Creatures

Animal-like Creatures

Creatures that, barring occasional exceptions, are incapable of speech or socializing and mostly behave similarly to animals.

Oolon - Small Blue Magical Familiar

Small blue. creature with smooth skin and some yellow feathers growing out of its tail.

Outside of its natural habitat it is often kept as a pet or a familiar.

Nimdapop - Half-Blind Symbiotic Creature Duo

A small blind creature whose eyes are actually a second creature who has magical capabilities and poor impulse control.

The creature who makes up the body is usually very calm and slow to become angry.

The creature who makes up the body is unable to speak.

The creature who makes up the eyes understands language but without a mouth cannot communicate via speech.

Chiprull - Large Lumbering Self Conscious Creatures

Tall and fat but not actually much heavier than most people.

One eye on the front of their head and another on the back. (hard to sneak up on)

Very slow and unlucky with excellent memory of every mistake and fault. Upset easily if criticized.

A protrusion that looks like a nose under the eye on the back (it is where they burp from).

Mouth is low on the face, nearly lost among the fat- like rolls of their neck. Small tuft of hair on the top of their head, usually worn in a bow (though not of their own choosing but done by Otso).

Kranch - Large Camouflaged Nocturnal Creatures

A large creature, the shape of natural structures (Stone, dirt, ice/snow) but never plants. Sleeps most of the day, only emerging from camouflage to defend itself. Is nocturnal. Wanders its home area & is immensely territorial – often fights others of its kind at night. Due to its terrible memory it is not good at recalling threats (or its territory). At times it seems to forget that it can speak and has been rumoured to have even forgotten that it could move.

Slowly becomes disoriented in bright light. Will either try to hide or run (rarely).

Kyshdadrak - Large Banded Armoured Flightless Dragon-like Creatures

A large creature with horns, a beak made of the same material as their armour, curve spines down their back, and large claws.

Known to attack communities and forts and wagons in search of metals to eat.

There are stories that when slain, any gems they have eaten are to be found still in their stomach. (Occasionally a gemstone or two might make its way out in the Kyshdadrak's fecal deposits.)

Animals - Both Sentient and Magical

These are usually magical versions of creatures that actually exist on Andrarik.

Diveoll - Magical Beast of Burden

Lumbering four legged creatures with thick, leathery hide, disgusting looking warts on their backs and thick legs and necks.

Eyes seem to always be staring off at the distance.

Often towing Carts and working for merchants. Are treated well and protect merchants from magic.

Their saliva, when heated by a fire, hardens and can be worked into a film to protect items from magic and to block magic effects. It still smells terrible.

They can see magic as a glow around magical objects or as threads and nodules when actively in use.

They do not trust mages and are usually somewhat hostile towards mages.

Often their skin is infested by Badokr (but the merchants are usually not bothered by this as it is a source of orange dye).

Rikon - Industrious Enslaving Herbivore

A Large spine-covered herbivore that is very fast and very hardy.

They hoard fruit and will enslave/employ other creatures in gathering the fruit.

They use their Sweet Nectar to enslave & control their workers. Tail produces a sweet and intoxicating nectar (tastes vaguely of whatever fruit the Rikon has been eating recently. This is used to keep the "employees" in line with the Rikon's goals

They can be bribed and convinced to do other stuff

Jenan - Large Bird of Prey

A large bird with a sky blue belly and a jet black dorsal feathers. The beak and claws are sheer white and their eyes are too. The super cooled Ice Spray (Can spray super cooled water at enemies which turns to ice shortly after leaving body) comes out of the bird's “arm pits”.

Live in high altitudes, coming down for hunting in early morning.

Will live near Kranch for protection (and bring threats to the Kranch for elimination).

Chinara - Slimy Slug-like Creature

Slimy slug-like creature that is capable of short bursts of extreme speed. It reproduces quickly and often. Migratory. Yellow or white with green- blue slime. Born white, slowly becoming more yellow. Will communicate with non-monsters but won't coordinate fairly with them.

Piopo-ad - Shellfish with Powerful Magical Abilities

A Shellfish like creature whose magical power far exceeds that of ordinary magicians.

They hold a magical pearl (of their own creation) that gives them their phenomenal abilities. (have to be killed to get it and it is only temporary outside the creature.

Barnacles act as familiars for Piopo-ad.


Creatures and/or entities that don't really fit into any other categories.

Kinchao - Sentient Yoghurt

A living yoghurt-like substance filled with ancient life.

It is made mostly out of yoghurt that has a small amount of ground amber mixed in (and then left to age).

It reproduces by eating non-living matter and turning it into more goop.

Grows in volume based on how much of whatever it consumed.

They are powered by ancient life and as such is un-drainable by those lacking the necessary realm.

Danda - Swarming Thin Featureless Lines

Travels is swarms that float a bit off the ground. Feeds on larger creatures (ignores smaller ones). Also ignores Mirror Persons (recognizes them as smaller creatures). When feeding they will take turns patrolling the perimeter and defending the swarm. The young will feel drawn to the nearest swarm. They glow in the dark when injected with evil (burning it off in the process).

Can Tunnel into and through a creature, leaving no mark but taking with it life and some magical power. They may plant the seed of their young inside the creature which will hatch usually within 1 week.

The Mists of Kalchun - The Endless Mists - The Mists of Fate and Eternity

The legend of the mists of Kalchun likely originates from the far north-east part of the continent where mists and deep fog are a common occurrence. The fogs here are bad enough that the people the mists are said to have claimed likely got lost in the mists and wandered off a cliff or fell into a cave or something like that. The wider stories are mostly adaptations of this myth.

The mists are said to be alive and will keep someone trapped alone within them for all eternity. The only way to save yourself once you've been claimed is to make a bargain with the mists, to offer to give them something of value in exchange for your freedom. The mists can form an avatar to better communicate with someone and the avatar is always someone very attractive to the victim.

Outside of the far North-east, the mists are usually encountered when camping alone in barren landscape (or otherwise very repetitive landscape). This has led to many stories of them being encountered by people camping alone on the scars left by Anti-sovereign responses.

Only people who are alone fall prey to the mists, if travelling with another (and staying near them when in fog) one is safe from the mists.

The mists are sometimes said to be the source of crystalline flowers. In fact, often the people who have made deals with the mists are said to have a tattoo or other icon of the flowers to represent their deal and to use when they have completed their task.