Mythical People

Below are listed and described a variety of mythical people and personages who are recurring characters in the myths of Andrarik.


A mythical figure who has magical powers and goes around promoting the anti-sovreign sentiment and morality. He is famous for being able to turn almost any problem into a lesson about how sovreign entities are evil and must be destroyed at all costs.

In pre-fall stories he is usually instead a villain trying to topple his legitimate monarch.

Alanchia the Brave

A Collector and Scholar who was kidnapped and taken far from her homeland by brigands paid by her home town's Master. She travels the land, collecting artifacts and studying strange phenomena, on her way back home. She does not stand down to any challenge and though not trained in combat she is able to defeat her enemies through wits and diplomacy.

One famous set of stories revolves around her transformation into a foreign girl after a visit to the mists of Kalchun and her new quest to find the Seed of Life for the mists so that she can be returned to herself and finally return home.


A soldier turned adventurer, he is famous for defeating great enemies and solving difficult puzzles. Despite this reputation he also gets caught by simple traps and mistakes, which usually set off one of his adventures.

One famous set of stories revolves around his hunt for the Eleven Totems of Daraysh. The reason for his quest is mixed. Some stories have him searching for the Totems as part of a deal to escape the mists of Kalchun, others have him gathering the Totems for his Master (or Monarch), while others still have him gathering the Totems to complete a puzzle that will free a lost city from its prison (again either imprisoned under the ocean or deep in a jungle cave).


A person cursed to live each day in a different body. They travel from place to place, evading monster hunters and trying to help people. In some stories they hope to one day find a cure for their curse while in other stories they are trying to spread their curse (and are usually then the villain). They are rumoured to be unable to die (the upside their curse is the cost for) but no stories result in them directly taking harm enough to kill them (even the ones they are portrayed as the villain for). Their original form and gender are unknown.

They feature as a victim (who is aided) in stories with Alanchia the Brave and as a villain during Kieynsdro's hunt for the Eleven Totems of Taraysh. No epic sets of stories exists for them as the hero, mostly shorter stories or they serve a supporting (or opposing) role in other character's epics.


A wacky man who is often drunk or otherwise not fully right-thinking who stumbles into problems (often riddle or puzzle based) and then surprises all when he deftly escapes them. He often is found surprising Akalimno with his actions.


Kalinbrun is an old man with a hideous growth on his forehead that droops down covering one eye. He is gruff and can be rude. If injured he does not bleed blood but various ill-smelling biles (which can grip the harming weapon and stop the attacker from being able to release it). If he is killed then the killer is infected with a great plague that will become contagious in up to a year's time. They have until then to find his new body and try and plead for a cure (the only way of being cured of the plague short of dying).

Kalinbrun acts as the symbol for disease and illness. He must be treated fairly or one risks his terrible wrath and to strike him down leads to doom upon society, wrought by plague. He must be bargained with if encountered for fear of being infected should he feel insulted or otherwise unhappy. As a result he is feared but respected. Some make offerings to him if their family (or themselves) are ravaged by disease but nothing too formal (naturally).

Kalkysho, Alieydanieyk & their Brother

Kalkysho, Alieydanieyk and their Brother are a trio of characters who bring peace to the chaotic and hope to combat fear. Kalkysho is strong but emotional while Alieydanieyk has great magical power and is generally the calmed and more rational one. Their Brother rarely appears directly in their stories and in fact is deceased in many of their stories, serving instead as either an example to follow or as a point in common with those who are grieving.

They are represented by key symbols. Kalkysho is represented by water drops or mist to represent their emotions. Alieydanieyk is represented by a "Sparkle" or a "Star Spot" to represent her magic and positivity. Their brother is usually represented by a pebble to represent his anchoring effect on the others and at the same time to represent his bones and the fact that he is dead.

Additionally no story gives Kalkysho's gender but Alieydanieyk is definitively known to be female.

Kaligh (of the Akuna-Ivekan)

Kaligh is a child who was adopted by Fire Akuna after helping them in a battle (and Kaligh's parents were killed in revenge by the Water Akuna). Kaligh lives with the Fire Akuna and is one of the few Tseuh to learn Tseuhoad. Their gender seems to vary from story to story. Most do not mention it but sometimes when interacting with other people they treat Kaligh as a female and other times as a male. Their age also varies, some stories have Kaligh still a child while others have Kaligh as a young adult.

Aghoropo and the monster Aveieya

Aghoropo is practically a nobody. He is the cautious husband and father of a family from a small town. After Avieiya comes to his town and kills people day after day, he is given magical artefacts by Ieykall (or sometimes an Akalimno) to defeat her. These artefacts actually enable him to swap minds (and souls) with her. In the ensuing mess, he accidentally kills his old body and then flees.

He is often found in Aveieya's body, trying to avoid causing trouble (that people assume he will do) or trying to avoid letting her body rule him or trying to convert her evil children to good or escaping her husband. Occasionally she is featured (before he takes over her body) in which case she is mostly just a powerful monster for other heroes to overcome or escape.

Aveieya herself is a monster with the torso, head and arms of a Tseuh woman and the central body, back legs and tail of a lizard (with a forked rattle-snake style tail). She has skin impenetrable by metal and stand much taller than any normal Tseuh. Her magical power lets her sap the mental strength of her opponents before consuming them.

Her feet have opposable thumbs and terrifyingly sharp claws and tight grips though she mostly uses them only to kill prone targets.