cipUl D Dxyle Ati
The Chiprul and the Brave Sister

zoBvrone tutu 2{kodite, Wti-kodia eke Ati-kodia D tew-kaoDBv Bvrone tutu.noroE cipUl 1{kaoDBv, tew-sDkr D imx-ulis RRe cipUl oD noroE kaIKo cipUl-kaoDBv, cipUl sDkr D cipUl otoE-ulis to.

qnoroE (saDDE cipUl ti, ti ayaE cipUl)Wti.

znoroE (saDD go zene tr, cipUl saDDE to) Ati.

qnoroE (zapindIke ti cipUl, cipUl-sDkr D Kiq ninolre cipUl) Wti, khkh eke Wti.

znoroE (saDD go zene ti, tew cipcipe cipUl D te Dxyle ti) Ati.

DPe (tr DxylDk tiqaminibe cipUl) Wti.

znoroE (AsAkie cipUl tiko) Ati.

kuafE (afafE tr ti, cipUl AsAke tiko D lis-cipUl eke trdiP) Wti.

znoroE (Kvbe afaf ti) Ati.

UfE tudvda Ati, pink-Wrci qKvbe Ati D Audd-Wrci qKvbe Ati D imx qUfE Ati.

Two children, a brother and sister, are telling each other stories. Stories about Tseuhoads. One story was about a Chiprull, a large Tseuhoad that lives in the nearby forest. The Chiprull-story said they were dangerous, large, and that none can sneak up to a Chiprull.

"I'm scared of Chiprull!" said the brother, "They scare me!"

"Have no fear," replied the sister, "Chiprull are nothing to fear!"

"Chiprull can hurt me! They are big and supply pain!" said the brother, with tears.

"I have no fear! Chiprull are slow! I am brave!" announced the sister.

"How brave are you? Will you flee a Chiprull?" asked the brother.

"I would hunt a Chiprull alone!" replied the sister.

"I dare you! Go hunt a Chiprull alone and return with its hair!" challenged the brother.

"I take your challenge!" stated the sister.

The sister then went to their house and took her father's spear and helmet and went into the forest.

BimdaE imx Ati, pink ene Ati D Audd ene Ati D tosaDD ene Ati. zucunaE cipUl Ati, chipUl AsAke Ati D Dxyl zacPJE Ati.UfE cipcip Ati, qasulun qadAkam Ati D suJ aksuJe Ati D uU qvPne Ati.PolmiE txteq-imx Ati, nilr D keJnv D mamiEn D nhko D tw.ucunaE txKa Ati, mimas qucunaE Ati D dOk qucunaE Ati D micmi qucunaE Ati D kalun qucunaE Ati.

giAE ojol Ati, ojol qDdAme Dmad. Aite Ati, Kygu beOmske Ati D mimas-nakDp qKhe Ati.

qnakDpe Ati tw, tuxi Isise Ati oD oto zucunaE Ati, xi Ppycip oto.

znoroE (minibe ti tr, twdrs xYke ti) Ati.

DPe (tr drsDk gitoE tr oP tr giAEDk age trRDte-) oto, (tr eneDk qgiAE trpink D trAudd) DPe oto

znornoE (giAE tinyna ti, oto go qgiAE ti) Ati, (minibe oto, totr pindIke ti) giaciUle Ati .

DPe (tr goPk saDDE ti) oto.

znoroE (saDDE toene tr, tr go D txtw go) Ati, abuf syshe Ati D kar syshe Ati.

qnoroE (miniba tr ti, boika coy)oto, Kakw Ppycipe oto.

diPE beOmsk Ati.

The sister enters the forest with spear and helmet and no fear. She searches for Chiprul, she hunts them to prove her bravery. She goes slowly: crossing streams, climbing hills and making a path. She passes all the animals of the forest, including Nillan, Keuhvenayu, Mamireuhn, Nyshko and others. She looks everywhere, searching trees, caves, bushes and swamps.

The sister comes across a clearing covered in flowers. She stops and practises fighting by attacking a rotting tree.

The sister is interrupted by something. She turns and sees a floating Otso.

"Leave me alone! I'm busy with other things," commands the sister.

"What work are you doing? Why did you come here from your home?" asks the Otso, "Why did you come with your spear and your helmet?"

"I come for my own reason, I do not come for Otsos," announces the sister. "Leave Otso and I will not harm you!" she threatens.

"You do not fear me?" asks the Otso.

"I have no fear. Not of you or any others!" declared the sister, showing her honour and determination.

"Then I'll leave you. For a short time..." says the Otso, floating off.

The sister returns to her practise.

beOmske coy-diBom Ati D Aite Ati, iJk came Ati oD BuciBoE lrci Ati, lrci ene mimas. iJke lrci Ati, iJk qpikire lrci.

minibe ojol Ati, cipUl AsAke IIt Ati. Ufe IIt ojol Ati, ojol qdiPE Ati D daki-ojol hiI dakw-ojol.Ufe IIt Ati D ghiA IIt ojol Ati oD zabote IIt diP Ati, KId nyDDle Ati.

DPe (txgicaV nynaDk abote ti) Ati.

qnoroE go txgicaV, cipcip sushe sued D gito go miKamt tx.

The sister trains for a long time before stopping because she is hungry. She gets some Lanchi fruit from the trees and eats them. The fruit is good.

She then leaves the clearing to hunt Chiprul again. She goes and returns to the same clearing. She leaves again and arrives again to the clearing. She does this many times and she becomes frustrated.

"Why am I going in circles?" she asks the world.

The world says nothing in response. The wind blows calmly and all is still for a while.

qucunaE ojol Ati, suJ boika zucunaE Ati. qnoroE (hiIE aKi suJ, tx zucunaE ti) Ati, suJ-ulis qUfE Ati. Aite pink, pink qakvKile tw.

zIsise Ati, pink kvKile oto.

znoroE (tipink) Ati, pink qKande Ati.

qnoroE go oto, pink qKande oto.

zogiaciUle (minibe ti oto) Ati, pink qakvKile Ati.

aikie go Ati.

noroE (zKand tipink ti, tipink drhil tu) Ati.

qnoroE (nornoIe trnyna tr P Kande trpink ti) oto.

zogiaciUle (saDDE totr ti) Ati, pink xoxdAkdAke Ati.

znoroE (trnynaDk) oto, pink qKande oto.

qakvKile pink Ati D qakvKile pink oto oD kvKile pink.

qnoroE (AsAke ti) Ati, kok drhile Ati.

DPe (trAsAkePk)oto.

znoroE (AsAke tew kaKi ti) Ati.

qyyalae oto oD giAE oto diBom. zdrhile pink oto.

The sister looks around the clearing and see a small hill. "That hill is my tower! It will let me see all," she says. She goes near the hill. Her spear stops, something is pulling it.

She spins and sees the Otso holding the spear.

"That is my spear!" she states, holding firmly onto the spear.

The Otso does not respond and continues holding the spear.

"Leave me Otso!" she threatens, pulling on the spear.

She hears no response.

"I will hold my spear! You will surrender to me!" instructs the sister.

"You will tell me your goal or I will hold your spear from you," says the Otso.

"I do not fear you," threatens the sister, shaking the spear.

"What is your goal?" commands the Otso. holding the spear.

The sister pulls the spear and the Otso pulls the spear but the spear stays put.

"I'm hunting!" she says in surrender.

"What are you hunting?" asks the Otso.

"I'm hunting a strong monster!" she answers.

The Otso whistles and many more Otso arrive. The Otso then releases the spear.

znoroE (minibe ti trku, trku saDDE go ti) Ati.

Jyolaoe Dmad, Dmad Jyolaoe twikda.

DPe (tew-kauful znoroEPk) oto.

qnoroE (ayaE go ti trku) Ati.

DPe IIt (tew-kauful znoroEPk) oto.

znoroE (minibe ti trku, giaciUle tr ti) Ati.

zogiaciUle (tr kauful tew) oto, Ati ulis hOnre txoto.

"Leave me alone! I'm not afraid of you!" the sister insists.

The flowers start to dance, dancing by magic.

"Tell us the name of the monster," asks the Otso.

"You do not scare me!" says the sister.

"Tell us the name of the monster," asks the Otso again.

"Leave me! I'm threatening you!" she states.

"Name the monster," threatens the Otso, moving closer.

hOnre ceYnr Ati, qhOnre ylun suJ Ati oD suJ gin.

znoroE (AsAke cipUl ti) Ati.

zapilPE oto, Ati qjije oto; xoxdAkdAke suJ, hOnr taobe suJ. tiAe Efa Ati, Ati qaPpybe Efa. ucunaE suJ Ati D Kafe suJ, olabUk oliKafe Dmad D cipUl qghefe suJ.

zaKafe Ati D hKae pink Ati.

ucunaE Ati cipUl, 1{koci D cipUl ulylu. jije IIT oto.zPpycipe txDmad, somos qvPne Dmad D oJol qaDlde somos.hOnre 1{if cipUl D EaEE cipUl.yyalae cipcip oto.

znoroE(saDDE toene tr) Ati.

zogiaciUle(zsaDDIE ti tr, txte ayaE ti) cipUl.

zogiaciUle(tisaDDko, tisaDD zaKifDlu ti oD zaKifDla tr ti) Ati.

jije Ati cipUl.

She backs up the hill, which turned out to be was squishy.

"I'm hunting Chiprul!" she announces.

The Otso become excited, laughing at her. The hill shakes. The hill is alive and moving. The sister is then taken by an arm and thrown. The sister looks at the hill and the hill stands, the flowers falling to the ground. The hill is a Chiprul.

The sister stands up and readies her spear.

The Chiprul looks at her with its one eye. The Chiprul is tired. The Otso laugh again. All the flowers float up to form a dome covering the clearing. The Chiprul takes a step forward and growls. The Otso start to chant.

"I am not afraid!" states the sister.

"You should fear me! I scare all people!" threatens the Chiprul.

"My fear is with none! I defeated my fear and I will defeat you!" she threatens back.

The Chiprul laughs at her.

Khe cipUl Ati, pink qamitre Ati oD amKake pink cipUl, pink qKande go Ati. zhOnre tupink Ati D Kvbe tupink oto, Ppycipe oto D tupink qKvbe go Ati.

zoDPE (zdrhile tipink tr) Ati.

zpindIke pink oto D qnoroE (Kvbe pink nakDp tr) oto, 2{lah nakDpe pink D pink-lah qombaE oto oD zapindIke Ati-hWO pink.

Kvbe pink-lah Ati D Isise Ati D Khe cipUl Ati. amKake IIt Ati cipUl, pink-lah qKande Ati.Khe Ati cipUl D ziiude cipUl Ati, kaone Ati D Ati Kafe oson cipUl.

The sister attacks the Chiprul, using her spear, but the Chiprul swats it away and she is not able to hold on to it. She runs to her spear but an Otso has taken it and is floating. She is unable to take the spear back.

"Surrender my spear!" commands the girl.

The Otso breaks the spear and says, "Take your broken spear." The Otso then drops both parts of the spear. Part of the spear hurts the sister's leg.

She picks up part of the spear, turns and attacks the Chiprul. The Chiprul swats her again but she holds onto the spear piece. The Chiprul attacks and she dodges, leaving her laying on her back with the Chiprul standing over her.

Ppybe pink-lah Ati, Efa-cipUl qdape pink-lah oD zzroE cipUl, Kiq ene cipUl D 1{if hOnre ceYnr cipUl. zaKafe IIt Ati, zoKoe Ati.

Khe IIt Ati cipUl, cipUl iiude go Ati D lis-Ati qakvKile cipUl. qkvKile Efa-Ati cipUl, Ati ulise cipUl.

Ppybe ulis oto, Audd qKvbe oto D qjije oto. Kvbe umel-oto Ati, umel qakvKile Ati.

qakvKile xi-Ati chipUl, Efa zoliIe Ati.zzroE Ati D zIsise oto Ati, cipUl qKhe Ati D saod-cipUl qKhe xi-oto oD nakDpe kix-Ati Kh-Ati. oliKafe cipUl oD ombaE Audd oto D zaminibe oto.

The sister throws the spear and it gets stuck in the Chiprul's arm. The Chiprul shouts in pain and takes a step backwards. She stands again, unarmed.

The Chiprul attacks again, the sister tries to dodge it but is pulled by her hair. The Chiprul pulls her arm to bring her closer.

An Otso flies in close and takes her helmet, laughing. She takes the Otso's tail and pulls.

The Chiprul pulls on the sister's body, trying to take her arm off. She swings the Otso to hit the Chiprul in the head with it. The Chiprul falls down. The Otso drops the helmet and flees.

qhOnre cipUl Ati, pink-lah qakvKile Ati D saod-cipUl hOnre Ati.Kvbe Efa-Ati nakDp cipUl oD kvKile pink-lah Ati, koci-cipUl zulise pink-lah.

zogiaciUle (Kande trEfa tr P Khe tikoci tr, tr gitoPk) cipUl.

znoroE (ene go saDD ti) Ati.

zogiaciUle (takoie cipUl D takoe tr oP taobe tx) oto, Ati ulise oto.

znoroE (ene go saDD ti) Ati.

DPe (tr gAmpeDk qUfe ulis tr) cipUl.

znoroE (AsAke cipUl ti, cipUl-tako) Ati.

gitoE to, ucunaE tx tx.

qnoroE (zucunaE ti) cipUl.

ulise Ati otokx, Ati giaciUle oto.

zogiaciUle (kvKile oto P zaKifDle cipUl ti) Ati, kar qoliE Ati.

The sister walks over to the Chiprul, pulls the spear-piece and moves to the Chiprul's head. The Chiprul grabs her hurt arm and she holds the spear-piece to its eye.

"You can keep your arm or attack my eye. What action do you choose?" threatens the Chiprul.

"I have no fear!" she replies.

"If the Chiprul dies, you die. Otherwise everybody lives," threatens an Otso, approaching her.

"I have no fear!" she replies.

"Why did you come?" asks the Chiprul.

"To hunt and kill a Chiprul," she replies.

Nothing happens and everyone looks at everyone.

"I understand," says the Chiprul.

The Otso approach the sister, threatening her.

"Stay put or I'll kill the Chiprul!" she warns, slightly distracted.

zKvbe Efa-Ati cipUl, kar qoliU Ati D Efa zoliE Ati.zazzroE Ati oD zaKifDle koci-cipUl Ati, koci qaKifDle pink-lah D takoe cipUl.zAite oto D sushe somos-Dmad sued, somos-Dmad KifDle sued.

zofe(saDDE ti tr) Ati, pink-lah qKvbe Ati D oto giaciUle Ati.

zaminibe oto, yle Ati.

The Chiprul rips the sister's arm off because she was distracted. She screams and destroys the Chiprul's eye with the spear. The Chiprul dies, the Otso stop and the flower dome is blown away.

"Fear me!" commands the sister, taking the spear-piece and threatening the Otso.

The Otso flee, she has won.

ene Kiq Ati, 1{Efa oliU Ati D qokoKoe Ati. Aite koKo Ati, koKo qAite oumul D oumul age Efa oli.Kvbe Audd oli Ati oD Kvbe lis-cipUl Ati, lis sutuke otim.

minibe imx Ati, RDte qdiPE Ati.syshe Wti Ati, lis-cipUl.zayaE Wti lis-cipUl, Wti zayaE tx. diPE pink-lah Ati D diPE Audd Ati oD ducede tata Ati D diPE Wti Ati.

DPe (zogAmpe kaoDBv Wti, (Ikon D teko)) Ati.

The sister is in pain. She has lost an arm and is bleeding. The stops the bleeding with her sleeve from her lost arm. She recovers her helmet and takes the Chiprul's hair, tied in a bow.

She leaves the forest and returns home. She shows her brother the Chiprul's hair. Her brother is shocked by the hair and everything. She returns the helmet and spear-piece. She changes her bandage and returns to her brother.

"Do you know the story of the Rikon and the Hermit?" she asks.