rrbof Ikon D kodite oli
The Greedy King and the Lost Children

rrbof, kyvDm kaufule tu D imx sDkr RRe tudash D pilPE tulitep D syhe tudash.

ducede tx, kodite oliE mydil dash D kok zogAmpe tokx. saDDE txte D twzoDPe tukopame rrbof.

grsuE txkopam kyvDm, tebw tuokolie tx D kodite qKvbu tebw.

There was a King named Kieyayudom whose city was near a large forest. The people were happy and the city was prosperous.

Everything changed when the City's children started to disappear. No one knew why. People were afraid and asked the King to help.

Kieyayudom offered payment to all who gave him the criminals who took the children.

zikdaE te diBom, jPlet diBom syshe tuku.

zsyshe te ayd tu, imx RRe te ayd D kodite qKvbie te ayd D cxch-kodite drculie te ayd. Kande go te ayd rrbof, kodite BeJ oli. Kande tucxch rrbof, iJk Bidala iJke rrbof.

zsyshe Ikbrh-gica kodia tu, krikh drsie kodite.Kande go Ikbrh-gica, kodite ene go krikh.Kande tuinad rrbof, ikikYn Bidala qKipe rrbof.

zsyshe ifRo tu , kodite DWamie ifRo. zaKifDle ifRo biyku, biy cuBre rrbof. zaKifDle biyku rrbof, kodite BeJ oli D tuteJO qKvbe kyvDm.

zsyshe ilmrc tu, ilmrc saDDE litep. znoroE (kopame tu ti D zokopamie kodite ti, jPl KyguE ti) ilmrc.zaKifDle ilmrc rrbofku, ilmrc bodakre tuku. dUkdAm vPne rrbof, age ilmrc.

oliE makit kodite dash oD zsyshe tuku tu, tw syshu tuku oD ytadoE tuku, tuinad qKvbe rrbof. zsyshe qAite tx, jPlet syshe tx D akayn saDDE tx. oliE makit kodite dash.

Many people answer the call and many suspects are shown.

An old man was presented. They lived on the edge of the forest and were accused of having taken the children and made them into a stew. He was released because more children were lost. The King kept his stew and had a great feast.

A young stone merchant was presented. They were accused of making the children work in their quarry. They were released because their mine did not have any children. The king took their money and used it to buy a great new throne.

A priest was presented, accused of having sacrificed the children. The priest was killed by soldiers of the king. When children kept disappearing the soldiers were killed by the Kieyayudom and their spouses taken by him.

Next an Ilmanch was presented. The people were afraid of the Ilmanch. It stated that it wanted to help them, to help them save their children and to fight evil. They killed it by boiling it alive. They made armour from the Ilmanch.

Children were still dissapearing from the city so the people who had previously presented others were themselves presented. They were then hung and their money was taken by the King. This stopped all presentations of suspects as people were afraid of the consequences.

giAE Boyn daKet comas. zaBidalre txikumkw tuikum, 2{oto qKande tu.

oto, (niKone kodite oto D zaKifDle kodite oto P Kvbe tutaob oto, tutaob qKvbe twikda-oto) noroE kaoDBv.

qnoroE(grsuIe tr ti, txotoki okolie tr) kyvDm.

znoroE (zadrse inad go ti, cacaIk drse ti) comas.

iYe ikum-comas rrbof, 2{oto okole comas D cacaIk rrbof. minibe comas, 1{Pzbal qdiPE comas.

Later a woodsman arrive at the castle. They had an offer unlike any other offer, they had 2 Otsos.

Otso, as told by stories, trick children and kill them or take their life with magic.

"I will pay you if you give me all the Otso," says Kieyayudom.

"I won't work for money, I work for fruit," states the woodsman.

The King accepted the offer. The woodsman gave two Otso and the King game him fruit. The woodsman left, to return in 1 day.

ene saDD oto oD znoroE(Jyolaoe oto) kyvDm.zocame go JyolaoIe oto D Kiqe oto rrbof, zaKiqe D (oto pikir, kodite qaghefe go tiki)qkhkhe oto.

qnoroE (qgAmpe go tu ti) rrbof.

khkhe(tiki pikir) oto.

zaKifDle oto biy-rrbof, umel-oto rage ushu D aikh-oto rage ushu D iJkr rage siAm-oto.

The Otso were scared. The Kieyayudom told them to dance for him but the Otso did not want to dance. The King tortured the Otso. "We are good! We never met your children!" cried the Otso.

"I do not believe you!" said the King.

"We are good!" cried the Otso.

The King's soldiers killed the Otso. Their tails and ears were turned into pillows and their meat was made into a meal.

Pzbal skob, giAE comas D 2{oto ene comas.

opaJE (Kvbe trcacaIk tr) kyvDm.

Kvbe tucacaIk comas D minibe comas.

znoroE (zucunaE oto, trduAsim) rrbof, 2{xi-oto ayd syshe kyvDm.

saDDE rrbof oto, oto zofe kyvDm D Jyolaoe oto.Jyolaoe txsiKvm oto, pilPE rrbof D ciona okole rrbof.

The next day, the woodsman returns with 2 Otso.

"Take your fruit" greeted Kieyayudom.

The woodsman took his fruit and left.

"Look Otso! See your future!" said the King, showing the two older otso-bodies.

The Otso were afraid of the King. Kieyayudom commanded them and they danced. The Otso danced all night. The King was happy and gave them food.

Pzbal skob, giAE IIt comas D 2{oto ene IIt comas.

DPe (milepePk, txoto) kyvDm.

qnoroE (oto diBom, tritorPk) comas.

qnoroE(itor go ene ti) rrbof oD pilPE rrbof, kyf boika drse comas.

minibe IIt comas, tucacaIk ene comas.

znoroE oto rrbof, (Jyolaoe), Jyolaoe IIt oto. znoroE Boyn (UfE tiulkv oto) kyvDm, UfE go oto D txoto Kiqe biy-rrbof.

The next day the woodsman returns again with 2 Otso.

"How many Otso are there altogether?" asks Kieyayudom.

"There are many Otso," seplies the woodsman, "Do you have a problem with that?"

"I don't have a problem," replied the King, happy with the low price of the deal.

The woodsman left again, with his fruit.

The King told the Otso to dance and so they danced again. "Come to bed with me," instructed the King. The Otso do not go so the King's Soldiers torture them all.

diPE IIt comas, 1{oto ayd ene comas D lis amon ene oto. okole cacaIk rrbof, qaminibe comas D pilPE comas.

DPe Jyolaoie kyvDm, Jyolaoe go oto oD zogAmpe (DPie IIt (UfE ulv oto) rrbof ) oto.Kiqe oto biy-rrbof, znoroE IIt (pikire oto, ghefe go tukodite oto) txoto.

noroE osos (pikire tiki, zacPJIe ti) oto ayd.

DPe (cogAmDk) rrbof.

noroE (DPa comas ti, trcogAm ene tr) oto ayd.

qnoroE (iYie ti, tiulkv qUfa trkx) kyvDm.

saDDE oto D iYe ikum oto ayd.znakDpe tuKiqe rrbof, tuciona okole rrbof.

The woodsman returned again with one old Otso. This Otso had green hair. The King gave him fruit and the woodsman left again, statisfied.

The King asked them to dance but the Otso refused. The Otso knew the King would ask them to bed again. All the Otso again said they were good and had not met the children.

"We are good and I can prove it," explained the older Otso calmly.

"What proof?" asked the King.

"I need to ask the woodsman a question and then you will have your proof," explained the older Otso.

"I'll only agree if you all go to bed with me," replied Kieyayudom.

The Otso were scared but the older Otso agreed to the offer. The King stopped the torture and the Otsos were given food.

diPE IIt comas, oto kodia ene comas. okole go cacaIk rrbof, (trikdrtnufPk) DPe oto ayd.

qnoroE go comas.

DPe IIt (trikdrtnufPk) oto ayd.

zogiaciUle comas rrbof, (okole trkok tr).

noroE (Ikon) oto ayd, qsaDDE comas.DPe (Ikon ikdrtnufPk ofe tr) oto ayd, Aite comas D qminibe comas.

znoroE (zKvbe comas tibiy) kyvDm, comas dEDe tubiy.

zodEDe comas biy-rrbof, imx BimdaE tx D comas AsAke miKamts biy.niqhe uldac biy, uldac-Ikon D kodite diBom ene uldac. kakonshduU kodite Ikon, kodite zofe Ikon D drse kodite D twcacaIk okole kodite. Ikone cacaIk Ikon.

KyguE Ikon biy, tako Ikon D kodite-gAmp ynyne biy D kodite ynyne biy.

The woodsman returns again with a young Otso. The King did not give the fruit and the old Otso asked, "Who is your master?"

The woodsman did not respond.

"Who is your master?" the Otso asked again.

The King threatened the woodsman, "give your answer!"

The Otso said one word, "Rikon" and the woodsman became worried. "Is a Rikon your master and commander?" asked the Otso. The woodsman stopped and left.

"Capture the woodsman!" Kieyayudom ordered his soldiers. His soldiers followed the woodsman.

The King's Soldiers followed the woodsman. They entered the forest and hunted the woodsman for a long time. They find a camp. A Rikon's camp full of children. The Rikon had brainwashed the children. The Rikon commanded the children to work, giving him fruit.

The soldiers fought the Rikon and killed it. This freed the children's minds and bodies.

zdiPE tx, biy D kodite D twcacaIk qKvbe tx.mydile gynadP tx, pilPE IIt txte D ynyne IIt txte.

zRetele rrbof oto, twulkv Ufe oto oD zapilype kyvDm oto, ulylue kyvDm oD Kvbe rrbof oto, qaPpybe otokw D qaminibe txkw D diPA go otokw.

pilPE litepkx, ynyne litep D rrbof ena go IIt litep.

The children and the soldiers returned and brought fruit they took from the Rikon. A celebration began and everyone was happy and free again.

The Otso were honourable to the King and did go to his bed. They pleased Kieyayudom and he went to sleep. They then took him and flew away, never to return.

The people were happy, free and would never have a King again.