ulugAt D zage nyk boca, boca qene nyk
Ulughrats and the Juice from and Owned by the Sky

qoliKafe uU imx ulugAt, ycr-ulugAt Pmvd. giAE aban-ninbo tu, sDkr-Jlv zayfe ninbo.dayde akalimno ulugAt, Jlv qaKafe akalimno.

jije ulugAt, akalimno DPe (zakOnePk boca tr, boca age daki-Jlv).

qaninde (ene nyk boca, boca toliPdako-qiJke tx D boca toliPdako-bone tx) akalimno.

DPe (zKruEPk boca ti) ulugAt.

DPe ulugAt akalimno, (qakOnePk boca tu).

oliKafe ulugAt oD DPe akalimno ulugAt, ich tuokole ti.

pilPE akalimno, (ene boca nyk, boca ene zaydte) osos-noroE akalimno.

zaKainoE (ene diBom-boca zaydte, tuichko D toko-ich) ulugAt.

qnoroE (okoleko daki-boca nyk, Kyguko toko) akalimno oD zaKainoE (ikdaE to nyk oD zaKadake txoKodaOk nyk, zosDkr-Kh to-vPne te) ulugAt.

zninde(okole kok tr oP tako tu) akalimno oD zaKadake boca ulugAt, (Kande ibal-boca nyk) qnoroE ulugAt oD (Kande olabUk-boca ti)qazzroE ulugAt.

qayaE akalimno, kok iYe tu D diBom-nrcolo Boyne ykr-jij.

qnayne ulugAt oD cylaXe Bin, diBom-boca giaciUl Bin D diBom-boda giaciUl Bin.

Ulughrats stumbles on a forest path, drunk and alone. He arrives at a Golden tap embedded in a large boulder. Ulughrats sees an Akalimno who is leaning against the boulder.

Ulughrats laughs and asks the Akalimno, "Identify and tell me the juice that comes from this boulder."

The Akalimno says, "it is juice owned by the sky but not safe to eat or drink."

Ulughrats asks, "Can I have some juice?"

The Akalimno asks Ulughrats to identify the juice.

Ulughrats falls down and asks Akalimno to give him a hint.

The Akalimno smiles and says calmly, "The juice of the sky is the juice of the ancient ones."

Ulughrats disagrees, saying, "the ancients had many juices and that is no hint!"

The Akalimno say, "the sky does not give this juice without a fight." Ulughrats says, "the sky answers to none and refuses all demands without a fight, a fight greater than any fight people can make."

The Akalimno says, "You must answer or die." Ulughrats refuses the juice and says, "The sky can have their juice of light." He then shouts "I'll keep to the juice of the earth."

The Akalimno is surprised, accepts the answer and laughs for the first time in many years.

Ulughrats wandered on as clouds gathered above threatening lots of juice and lots of water.