Anyk-Rok'bitu Setting

Player Character sources are denoted in Bold Blue.

The Anyk and Rok'bitu societies have been in contact for hundreds of years prior to achieving FTL travel (due to their close proximity and relatively similar technological progression).

After meeting in person for the first time, they agreed to a hemispherical colonization strategy for other star systems (each gets the half of the sky that is away from the other). Unfortunately they had barely started their first out-of system colonies when they were attacked by another, mysterious, outside group known as the Pokkash.

After a long war with the Pokkash, the Anyk and Rok'bitu once again find themselves confined to single systems. Though they lost their colonies, the Pokkash economy was driven to the edge of collapse through a successful blockade and orbital bombardment. This led to an uneasy peace between the two sides and shortly thereafter led to the collapse of the Pokkash government (and dissolution of their empire).

Now embroiled in interstellar politics, dealing with renewed opposition at home and suffering from overpopulation, the Anyk and Rok'bitu superpowers have decided to instead cooperate in their colonization efforts and are ready to once again set out into the stars.

Base engine speeds are listed at the end of the section for each group of societies. Ships are limited to a max scale of +4

Species and Societies

Anyk Societies

The Anyk People are all from the Styldan (Copmak) System.

Base Ship Speeds

OriginSize at Specified Scale
Alkinian Federation67898765 
Republic of the Free People of Stylda 56789876
Children of Tomar567788877
Union of the Free Worlds of Copmak7898765  

Rok'bitu Societies

The Rok'bitu People are all from the Kan'ninav System

Base Ship Speeds

OriginSize at Specified Scale
Freehold of Tash'dok 5799875d

Pokkash Societies

The Pokkash are a people who until recently were united in a strong Empire that spanned star systems. Their homeworld of Ignaa (and much of the rest of its star system) is in a state of civil war while the other star systems have each mostly been united each under their own government.

Base Ship Speeds

OriginSize at Specified Scale
Former Pokkashi Empire567989765
Modern Ignaa998765   
Former Core Systems 56789876
Former Outer Colonies678767876