Andrarik/Tseuh Sci-fi Setting

The Player characters are from the Lyvaldan Union, a federation of states with 3 member species. The territories originally under control of each species prior to the founding of the union are still largely administrated under their older government systems while the newer colonies and jointly administered systems are all administered under representative democratic governments as is the central Council of Worlds..

The three member species and their respective worlds are as follows:

Base engine speeds are listed at the bottom of this page. Ships are limited to a max scale of +4

Allavo Societies

The Allavo people are originally from the Duruun System.

They are tall and thin mostly hairless creatures with long legs and arms and a short torso. Their three-fingered and one-thumbed hands are wide and usually feature a small furry patch on the back. They have wide mouths with forked tongues and thin eyes. They also usually sport fur along the sides and top of their head, usually continuing down their neck and to a small patch in the center of their chest and back.

Gochak Societies

The Gochak people are originally from the Gochakki System.

They are stout and stocky furry marsupials with large oval shaped noses and deep set eyes and small ears near the top of their head. They have short legs but longer arms. They have four fingered and double thumbed hands and feet with sharp claws. Their fur is brown or grey with eye colours including pink, brown and green.

Lyliunnigullaschim Societies

The Lyliunnigullaschim people are originally from the Oloshashollaliim System.

Lyliunnigullaschim are an amphibious species with oblong shaped compound eyes on the sides of their heads granting good vision to the sides and moderate vision to the front and rear. Their mouths are thin but tall, streatching from their necks up to between their eyes Above their mouth they have two small nostrils and above their eyes their hearing organs can be found.. They have short multi-jointed thin arms with long two-fingered and one-thumbed hands. Their legs are also short but feature two long forward-pointing toes and one longer rear-pointing toe. Their skin ranges from green to gold coloured and they usually have patches of brighter colours near on their fingers, thumbs and toes as well as usually matching coloured tinting to their composite eyes. These colours vary from bright reds and yellows to dark blues and even black.

Post Foundation of the Lyvaldan Union Societies

Base Ship Speeds

Base Speeds vary depending on the class and type of sub-light engines in use. By default Government ships use the Trans-Imperium Class. If changing to a slower class at the chosen Scale then refunds 1 Attribute point and if changing to a faster class at the chosen scale costs 1 Attribute point.

ClassSize at Specified Scale
Trans-Imperium Class678767876
Torrent Class998765   
Harmony Class67898765 
Scrap-Broker Class 57899875