"Two boats upon the water"

Two boats upon the water
Floating and yet not free
Tied each to it & apos;s own mooring
Though calm may be the sea

One boat, its hull painted blue
Is full of noise and bustle
When upon the deck comes a lonely figure
Staring out across the sea

The other boat shines bright pink
And also hosts a party
Again though one does emerge alone
To look out across the sea

Each figure longs strongly for
That which the other does have
But the boats do bind them to their home
By their moorings in the sea

The one from pink finds a thread
And ties it to a pebble
They heave it hard to the boat of blue
A thread now crosses the sea

On blue boat, a rope's been found
And tied fast to the pebble
With careful effort pink pulls it back
As it hangs into the sea

The rope secured and hope soars
But others come forth to see
What brought our two lonely figures out
To string rope across the sea

Confusion first comes to rise
Then with anger they lash out
At the rope they find unnatural
Curses drift across the sea

The first figures guard the rope
As threats and curses hound them
Glancing back towards one another
They know they must cross the sea

Diving fast and griping hard
Their legs dip in the water
Hand over hand they pull themselves
To meet up above the sea

Their journey is still not done
When knives try to cut the rope
But friends from each boat hold back the blades
As the figures cross the sea

One by one they climb aboard
The boat for which they had yearned
Though their reception was not merry
They'd made it over the sea

Two boats upon the water
Floating and yet not free
Tied each to it's own mooring
Now joined over the sea

(October 24, 2019)