Sci-Fi Ship System

A high-tech Sci-fi system where the players each command and control their own starship.

General Details

  • It costs money to add, modify, or repair ship systems after initial creation
  • Base Ship Speeds vary by the exact setting in use. For example settings, please see:
  • Ship Scale While not counted directly as an attribute afterwards, the scale impacts the ship's base speed. The Scale defaults to 0. For each size away from Scale 0 in either direction 1 Attribute point must be spent.


Scales roughly vary by a factor of 2 in length (if Scale 3 is 10m then Scale 4 is 20m).
Person ScaleShip ScaleApproximate SizeNotes
0-6~1.5m tall/longThe standard size for an adult person.
2-4~5m longThe smallest size for a Ship. At this size the ship can carry no more than 6 people.
60~80m longThe standard size for many primary mission ships.
104~1.25km longThe largest size for playable ships. Not all species have even made ships of this size.

Player Ship & Crew

Ship & Crew Creation

No Attributes or Skills may go past ±3 during ship & crew creation
  • Ship & Crew Attributes start at 0 and you get 6 Attribute points.
  • Ship & Crew Ship Systems and Personnel Expertise start at -1 (except hard ones - they start at -2) and you get 30 + 5 * Ship Scale system/expertise points
  • 2 Ship & Crew Gifts
  • At least 2 Ship & Crew Faults (cannot go lower than that)
Additional points can be bought by taking more Ship & Crew Faults (at the GM's approval).
  • 1 fault buys: 1 gift or 2 attribute points or 6 system/expertise points
Points can be traded as well:
  • 1 attribute point gets you 3 system/expertise points
  • 1 gift gets you 2 attribute points or 6 system/expertise points
  • 3 system/expertise points get you an attribute point
  • 6 system/expertise points gets you a gift
  • 2 attribute points gets you a gift

Ship & Crew Attributes

6 points
Withstand damage, hold together under stress, etc.
Sub-light EnginesShip
Movement and Dodging
(this modifier adds directly to your Sub-light move speed)
Modifying damage from attacks, avoiding collisions and other obstacles under normal circumstances
Hitting and Attacking for your crew
Movement and Dodging
(this modifier adds directly to your crew's move speed)
Physical Damage Reduction for your crew
Puzzles and Tactics
Chance and Initiative

Ship & Crew Ship Systems and Personnel Expertise

6 points
  • Ship Systems (Ship)
      • FTL Drive
        • Jump
        • Slip
        • Tunnel
        • Spin
        • Crush
          • Requires "Crush Drive" Gift.
      • FTL Countermeasures
          • Anti-Departure
            • Jump Mines
            • Jump Disruptors
            • Slip "Anchor" Pods (Slip Anchors)
            • Slip "Glue" Burst (Slip Glue)
            • Tunnel "Flood" Field Emitters (Tunnel Flooder)
              • Tunnel Flooders also count as Anti-Arrival Weapons
          • Slowing
            • Slip "Sand" Burst Disruptors (Slip Sand)
            • Tunnel "Quake" Disruptors (Tunnel Quake)
            • Spin Coolant Mines (Spin Mines)
            • Crush "Grit" Pods (Crush Grit)
          • Drop Downs
            • Jump Termination Burst Disruptors (Jump Wall)
            • Tunnel "Excavator" Bombs
          • Anti-Arrival
            • Counter-Spin Field Generator (Counter-Spin)
            • Crush "Cream" Burst Pods (Crush Cream)
        • FTL Weapons
          • Reduced Wave Particulate Laser
          • Phased Flak Mines
        • Sub-light Weapons
          • Simple Projectile
          • Conventional Missile
          • Advanced Torpedo
            • Only available for scale -3 and larger ships.
          • Laser
          • Phased Particulate Laser
          • Matter Disruptors
          • Mines/Bombs
            • Only available for scale -3 and larger ships.
          • Fighters (Requires "Docking Bay" Gift)
            • With Conventional Weapons
            • With Phased Particulate Lasers
            • With Both Conventional and Phased Particulate Lasers
              • Requires "Advanced Fighters" Gift
            • With Both Conventional and Matter Disruptors
              • Requires "Advanced Fighters" Gift
        • Defenses
          • Armoured Hull
          • Energized Hull
          • Near-Frame Deflectors
          • Deflector Bubble
          • Projectile Countermeasures
          • Guidance Jammers
        • Communications
          • Conventional Radio
          • Conventional Radio Jammers
          • Subspace Radio
          • Subspace Radio Jammers
          • Wormhole Communication System
            • Requires "Micro Wormhole Generator" Gift
          • Conventional Radio Relay Probes
            • Only available for scale -3 and larger ships.
          • Advanced Relay Probes
            • Only available for scale -3 and larger ships.
        • Sensors
          • Standard Active Sensors
          • Subspace Sensors
          • Trans-phasic Sensors
          • Specialized Sensor Probes
            • Only available for scale -3 and larger ships.
        • Utilities
          • Life Support Systems
          • Navigational Deflector
            • Can (under limited Circumstances) be substituted by Deflector Bubble or Crush FTL Drive
          • Tractor Beam
          • Grappling Hooks
          • Teleporters
            • Requires "Teleporters" Gift
          • Transport Shuttles
            • Requires "Docking Bay" Gift
          • Research Labs
          • Medical Facilities
          • Cargo Holds
          • Cloaking Device
          • Recreation Facilities
          • Ship's Armouries
      • Crew Expertise (Personnel)
          • Engineering Expertise
            • System Design
            • Super Jump Drive Operation
            • Repair
              • General
              • Advanced System
                • Able to repair Cloaking Devices, Wormhole Communication Systems and other Advanced technologies
              • Novelty and Exotic
              • FTL Drive & Countermeasures
                • Jump
                • Slip
                • Tunnel
                • Spin
                • Crush
            • Engineering Domains
              • Terrestrial
              • Aquatic
              • Astral
              • (Etc.)
          • Military Expertise
              • In-Person Combat
                • Archaic Weapons
                • Brawling
                • Modern Projectile
                • Handheld Phased Particulate Lasers
                • Handheld Matter Disruptors
                • Personnel Tactics
              • Ship-to-Ship Combat
                • Concealment
                • Distraction & Deception
                • Point Defense
                • Siege
                • Planetary Bombardment
                  • Can also be used against other, similar targets
                • Exotic and Alien Tactics
                • Large "Field" Tactics
                • FTL Engagement
                • Simple and Guided Projectile Weapons
                • Beam Weapons
              • Other
                • Resistance & Revolution
                • Evasive Maneuvering
            • Scientific Expertise
              • Cartography
              • Botany
              • Evaluate Goods
              • First aid
              • Geography
              • Medicine
              • Veterinarian
              • Astrophysics
              • Chemistry
              • (Other fields of knowledge)
            • Diplomatic Expertise
              • Legends/Stories
              • Heraldry/Court Rituals
              • Barter/Haggle
              • Bluff
              • Etiquette
              • Interrogate
              • Intimidate
              • Oratory
              • Parley/Negotiate
            • Engineering Expertise
              • Language (choose each)
              • Survival
              • Theology/Myths/Rituals
              • Forgery & Disguise
              • Difficult Terrain Travel
              • Boating & Water Navigation
              • Aerodynamic Flight
              • Handheld Sensor and Analytical Devices

          Ship & Crew Gifts

          Each ship & crew may have 2 Gifts from the following list(s), or other GM-approved Gift.
          Advanced FightersEnables Fighters with Dual Weapon SystemsRequires Docking Bay
          Alternate Drive SystemCan have an additional FTL Drive. Can be taken at most twice
          Aquatic Drive SystemCan travel through water
          Armoured Critical ComponentsSome Critical Ship system is better protected than normal. It is less likely to be taken offline when damage is taken. Move the component's slot to one damage category higher (it will likely share the slot with another component).
          Captain's GigA Smaller Auxiliary Craft directly docked to the main ship. It is at least 3 Scales smaller than the main ship.Min. Scale -1
          Cloaking DeviceEnables Cloaking DeviceMin. Scale -2 Requires "Contained Singularity" Gift.
          Contained SingularityEnables other advanced gifts and technologiesMin. Scale -2
          Crush DriveEnables Crush FTL DriveMin. Scale -3, Max. Scale 2
          Docking BayEnables Transporting Most Secondary CraftMin. Scale -1
          Food SynthesizersImproved Crew Morale. Bonus for state dinners and other hosted meals.
          Large ShipThe ship is larger than normal player ship size (-4 to +1).If taken once the limit is extended to +3. If taken twice the limit is extended to +6. If taken three times the limit is extended to +9.
          Micro Wormhole GeneratorEnables Several Wormhole-based systems.Min. Scale -2 Requires "Contained Singularity" Gift.
          Secure Re-targetting ProtocolsConventional Missiles and Advanced Torpedoes can be re-targetted without challenge.Requires "Re-targetting Antennae Array" Gift
          Super Jump FTL Drive SystemAble to occasionally perform a "Super" Jump while already travelling using an FTL Drive to jump to a destination quicker and evade pursuit. Must make a "Super Jump Drive Operation" Expertise roll to perform the Super Jump. Use of this drive disables all drive systems used by the technique for 1 day.Max. Scale +2 Requires Jump Drive to be installed and "Contained Singularity" Gift.
          TeleportersEnables Teleporters
          Re-targetting Antennae ArrayEnables re-targetting of already fired Conventional Missiles and Advanced Torpedoes.Min. Scale -2
          Terrestrial Landing SystemsCan make touchdown on the surface of a terrestrial planet.This is free for ships of Scale -3 or smaller.
          "Universal" TranslatorCan translate all common & known languages and can help with learning new languages
          Zenith Drive Enhancement+1 Bonus to all FTL speed, manoeuvring or countermeasures rolls when using one particular FTL drive.
          Attractiveyou’re good looking – either handsome, beautiful, pretty, or whatever level you wish. (Warning: the more attractive you are, the more power you have over susceptible people, true, but the more likely you are to be abducted, etc.)
          Beautiful speaking voice+1 to NPC reactions. Also works for a singing voice if you take a Musical skill.
          Charismapeople tend to like you, believe you, and are willing to follow your lead.
          Common Sensewhen you are about to do something incredibly stupid that will harm yourself or the party, the GM will warn you
          Empathetic TelepathyYou (or a crew member) can sense the general mood of people you are interacting with
          Focussedyou are at +1 to any lengthy task, but don’t notice things outside this task, such as that cyborg about to skewer you …
          Good Reputationyou’re well known as a hero, healer, leader, fighter for justice, etc.
          LinguistLanguage skills are easy for your character.
          Perfect Timingif someone says to open fire in five minutes, you’ll do it within two seconds of that time.
          Sleep ControlYou can sleep more lightly and can fall asleep at a moment's notice.
          Strong StomachAlmost nothing can make you vomit.

          Ship & Crew Faults

          Each ship & crew must start with 2 Faults from the following list(s), or other GM-approved Gift.
          Dangerous SystemThe use of the specified system is dangerous to the ship or crew. On occasion it may damage other ship components (or the crew itself).
          Experimental SystemSome Major Ship system is experimental and doesn't have all the problems worked out quite yet. It may not always work when called upon (though occasionally will behave beyond normal limitations).
          Exposed Critical ComponentsSome Critical Ship systems are more exposed than normal. They are more likely to be taken offline when damage is taken. Add the component to a second damage slot (one damage category lower if possible). When that slot is filled the component is damaged. If it is sharing a slot with another component, that slot damages both components.
          Leaky Exhaust PortsEasier to Track your ship. Projectile Countermeasures and Cloaking Devices are less effective (-1 to all rolls).
          No Terrestrial Landing SystemOnly available for ships of scale -3 or smaller. They are not able to safely make terrestrial landings (though they can still crash).
          No Food Production FacilitiesOnly long-term stored rations are available onboard. Decreased Crew Morale unless docked at another viable fresh food source.
          Obsolete Drive System-1 Bonus to all FTL speed, manoeuvring or countermeasures rolls when using one particular FTL drive.
          Polluting EngineThe use of the specified FTL drive results in dangerous pollution either at departure or arrival points. This may result in repercussions or other sanctions.
          Problematic Ship AIDefine one (or more) aspects of the ship's AI that are problematic.
          Reduced Efficiency Sub-light DriveLose all tied results with regards to Ship Speed Rolls. Speed is -1 on first turn of movement from a standstill or when turning.
          Unreliable FTL Drive SystemAssociate this with one FTL Drive. That Drive may not always work when called upon. It is also more susceptible to countermeasures
          Absent-Mindedyour attention tends to wander if bored.
          Annoying Voiceyou sound terrible.
          Off-putting Appearanceyour appearance is off-putting in some way, whether ugly or unkempt.
          Blunt and Tactlessyou have no social skills in dealing with sensitive people.
          Compulsive Generosityyou are at –3 Reasoning to resist giving things away to those perceived to be needier than you.
          Compulsive Lyingyou are at –3 Reasoning to avoid lying just for fun.
          Cowardyou take very good care of yourself.
          Curiousyou are at –3 Reasoning to resist exploring something new or unusual.
          Delusionsthe world doesn’t work the way you think it does, in some important way.
          Dependentyou’re responsible for someone unable to care for themselves adequately.
          Easily Distractibledid you say something?
          Easy to Readyou give away your thoughts and feelings to any who care to observe you.
          Enemythere is someone who wants to kill, imprison, or otherwise trouble you
          Getting oldand all that implies.
          Greedyyou want more.
          Gullible-3 to Reasoning to believe an unknown “fact.”
          Honestyyou hate to break a law.
          Intolerantyou hate a certain type of person
          Offensive OdorYou stink
          Phobiaslots of these – you’re at –3 Reasoning to avoid acting out of control in certain situations: snakes, darkness, heights, cats, falling, crowds, spiders, open or closed spaces, magic, loud noises, etc.
          Quick to take offenseyou’re thin-skinned.
          Quick-Temperedyou blow up when crossed.
          Reckless Braveryyou take no thought for your safety in dangerous situations.
          Secretif it’s revealed, you’ll be embarrassed, arrested, or worse – maybe that warrant out for your arrest, or your second spouse?
          Self-defense Pacifistyou’ll fight, but you’ll never start a fight – no preemptive strikes.
          Shynessyou never want to talk to strangers
          Stubbornyou don’t easily admit you’re wrong
          Truthfulnessyou can’t tell a believable lie.
          Weak StomachWhenever your character is exposed to anything violent or otherwise disturbing you feel the need to vomit.
          Worry Wartyou wring your hands a lot.
          Youthyou’re so young no one takes you seriously. Also, lose one level each from three skills – you just haven’t had time to develop everything that well yet.

          Damage System

          To attack:
          1. Attacker rolls vsDefender's roll. If the attacker wins, the difference becomes the Relative Degree
          2. Calculate the Damage Number as follows:
            Damage Number =Relative Degree +Offensive FactorsDefensive Factors + 1dF
          3. Compare Damage Number with the Damage Tables below.

          Attack Types

          This table lists the attributes/skills that are rolled and what offensive and defensive factors apply to each attack type.
          Attack TypeAttacker RollsDefender RollsOffensive Factor
          (damage with)
          Defensive Factor
          (reduce damage with)
          Sub-light Ship-to-ShipApplicable Weapons System Expertise + Targeting ModifierSub-light Engines or Evasive Maneuvering + Evasion ModifierWeapon System + Damage ModifierStructural + Protection Modifier
          FTL Ship-to-ShipFTL Engagement ExpertiseFTL SystemWeapon SystemFTL Engagement Expertise
          Surface BombardmentOrbital Bombardment ExpertiseVariesWeapon SystemVaries
          PersonnelWeapons ExpertiseSpeedFitnessStamina

          Damage Tables

          Ship Damage table

          Damage CategoryTrivialMinorMajorSevereCritical
          Damage Number Range1-23-45-67-89+
          Slots3 Unlabeled2 Labeled4 Labeled2 Labeled (Whatever label is unused counts as the last labelled option for the "Major" damage category)1 Unlabeled
          Label OptionsTractor Systems, Long Range SensorsFTL-Engines, Navigational Deflector, Long-Range CommunicationsOffensive, Defensive, Sub-light Engines
          EffectFood Synthesizers and recreational systems are damaged.When that slot is filled all systems of that type are disabled. Cloak is disabled.When that slot is filled all systems of that type are disabled. Contained Singularity is disabled.When that slot is filled all systems of that type are disabled. Aquatic Drive is disabled.Offensive and Defensive Systems are Disabled. All Engines are disabled. Life Support is Failing.

          Crew/Personnel Damage Table

          Damage CategoryTrivialMinorMajorSevereNear Complete
          Damage Number Range1-23-45-67-89+
          Slots2 1 2 1 1
          DescriptionsMinor injuries onlyFirst major injury or possibly first death.Several dead or crippledBadly wounded. Many crippled, some are dead.Most are dead or dying.
          EffectNone-1-2No prolonged resistance possibleRetreat, surrender or death are only options

          Fudge Points and Character Development

          Players earn Fudge points over time. These can either be converted into XP for character development or can be used to alter one die roll up or down 1 level.

          3 Fudge points can become 1 XP. XP cannot be converted back into Fudge points.

          You can only raise skills or attributes the character has been exercising recently or it can be reasonably argued they have been practicing.

          Raising Skills
          FromToCost (XP)
          Raising Attributes
          FromToCost (XP)

          Ship Systems

          FTL Systems

          Drive SystemWhen In UseCountermeasures
          Can Attack Ships withCan be Attacked by Ships withAnti-DepartureSlowDrop-DownAnti-Arrival
          JumpJumpAll but TunnelYES(2) YES 
          SlipAll but TunnelSlip, Spin, & CrushYES(2)YES  
          GuidanceAll but TunnelSlip, Spin, & Crush YES YES
          GuidanceAll but TunnelSlip, Spin, & Crush YES YES

          FTL Drive Systems


          Jump drive sends the ship to its destination by seemingly jumping the ship from its origin to its destination through the creation of a warped space bubble around the ship and then launching the bubble (and the ship) to the destination. While it is similar to Spin and Slip drive in how it accomplishes this it is fundamentally different in how the arrival, travel and departure appear to others in the vicinity.

          Ships that are Jumping can only attack other ships that are jumping (though can use FTL Countermeasures as normal).

          Jumping ships cannot as easily change their target destination (without suffering damage to their Jump drive).


          Slip drive propels itself across space by emitting a special field that allows the ship to slip along creases in the fabric of reality and to manipulate those creases to go where they desire.


          Tunnel drive bores into subspace and travels through subspace to its destination allowing it to arrive in advance of light. As a result a ship travelling using tunnel drive may not be attacked through conventional means. They also may not attack other ships as well.


          Spin drive rotates around (or in a significant portion) of the ship when active to form and maintain a warped region of space around the ship allowing it to reach FTL speeds. Some more primitive Spin drive ships instead spin around a smaller, static portion of the ship.


          A FTL drive system is propelled by drawing in the fabric of reality ahead of the ship, crushing it in the main drive system and expelling it as propellant to the aft.

          It is the newest, most experimental drive system. It is also the most potentially dangerous as a result. The main key advantages are its ability to be used as an alternate sub-light drive system, its slight speed advantage and the fact that it also doubles as a Navigational Deflector system when in operation.

          FTL Countermeasures

          All FTL Countermeasures can only be used while the applicable drive system is not engaged on the attacking ship.

          Anti-Departure Countermeasures

          Anti-Departure Countermeasures delay a ship$apos;s ability to engage its FTL drive system to depart.

          • Jump Mines
            • Mines that disrupt the formation of the Jump Warped-Space Bubble.
            • The Mines can be destroyed or the area exited at Sub-light to evade. They usually also eventually lose power and fail.
          • Jump Disruptors
            • Disruptor blasts fired at a Jump Drive ship that disrupt the ship's ability to form the Jump Warped-Space Bubble.
            • The effect dissipates over time.
          • Slip "Anchor" Pods
            • Pods that anchor a Slip Drive ship to its location by forming rigid creases blocking travel by slip drive.
            • The pods can be destroyed or the area exited at Sub-light to evade. They usually also eventually lose power and fail.
          • Slip "Glue" Burst
          • A Burst of energy that inhibits the ability of the Slip drive to build its main control field temporarily.
          • The effect dissipates over time.
          • Tunnel "Flood" Field Emitters
            • Small energy field emitters that strengthen the barrier between subspace and normal space.
            • The pods can be destroyed or the area exited at Sub-light to evade. They usually also eventually lose power and fail.
            • They also act as Anti-Arrival FTL Countermeasures.
          Slowing Countermeasures

          Slowing Countermeasures slow down the target ship.

          • Slip "Sand" Burst Disruptors
            • Disruptor blasts that burst against the Creases in space, rendering them rougher and therefore harder to travel along.
          • Tunnel "Quake" Disruptors
            • Disruptors that shake the barrier between subspace and normal space, causing dangerous turbulence for Tunneling ships
          • Spin Coolant Mines
            • Mines that, when detonated, create a smoothing effect that causes the Spin drive to slow by deforming its Warped-Space Bubble
          • Crush "Grit" Pods
            • Pods that are consumed by the Crush drive and temporarily decrease its efficiency.
          Drop-Down Countermeasures

          Drop Down Countermeasures force a ship to disengage their FTL Drive. They also tend to shock the FTL drive system so that immediate re-engagement is not viable.

          • Jump Termination Burst Disruptors (Jump Wall)
            • Disruptor blasts that burst against Jump Warped-Space Bubbles causing them to slow and quickly fail. If Jump Drive is not safely disengaged in time then the ship may be destroyed.
          • Tunnel "Excavator" Bombs
            • Bombs that rip open subspace and force the Tunneling ship to exit and stop.
          Anti-Arrival Countermeasures

          Anti-Arrival Countermeasures inhibit a ship's ability to disengage their FTL Drive.

          • Counter-Spin Field Generator
            • A large pod that generates a strong field that interferes with engaged Spin drive's ability to reduce its speed. It visibly creates glowing, spinning bands of plasma around the pod.
            • The generator can be destroyed. It usually also eventually loses power and fails.
          • Crush "Cream" Burst Pods
            • Pods that are triggered by the warping of space caused by the Crush drive and effectively lubricate it to force the Crush drive to not be able to slow.
            • The pods can be destroyed. They usually also eventually lose containment and burst without proper cause.

          FTL Weapons

          FTL Weapons can only be used against ships that are not tunneling. They also can only be used by ships that are travelling by slipping, spinning or crushing. Jumping ships can only use them against other jumping ships.

          Reduced Wave Particulate Laser

          A special kind of energy weapon that can be used whilst travelling in the Warped-Space Bubbles and other environments most FTL Drive systems use.

          Phased Flak Mines

          Mines that are able to phase into the Warped-Space Bubbles and other environments most FTL Drive systems use in order to deliver their payload.

          Sub-light Weapons and Defensive Systems


          Simple Projectiles+1+1
          Conventional Missiles+2+2
          Advanced Torpedoes+3+2
          Mines & Bombs-+2
          Phased Particulate Laser+5+2
          Matter Disruptor+4+3
          Simple Projectiles, Conventional Missiles, Advanced Torpedoes, Mines & Bombs

          These all damage the target by impacting with the target or detonating near the target. The projectiles, missiles and torpedoes travel faster than the launching ship (able to strike targets ahead of the ship) while the mines and bombs are passively dropped. Projectiles head towards the targeted location along a pre-set path. Missiles and torpedoes both are able to dodge some counter attacks and follow their targets. Torpedoes deliver heavier payloads and are better able to pierce the defenses of some ships.

          Unless re-targetted all such weapons will travel off the map should their target be destroyed. They will continue along their previous flight path.

          WeaponAdditional Cost (Skill Points)Movement Per RoundTargeting Modifier
          Simple Projectiles+03-0
          Conventional Missiles & Advanced Torpedoes+03+1
          Advanced Torpedoes+415-6
          Re-targetting Conventional Missiles and Advanced Torpedoes

          If a ship is equipped with a $quot;Re-targetting Antennae Array$quot; then they may attempt to re-target one of their own launched and not yet detonated Missiles or Torpedoes. If the ship does not also have the $quot;Secure Re-targetting Protocols$quot; gift then their re-targetting can potentially be blocked by hostile parties.

          To block an attempted re-targetting then the two players perform an opposed Processing roll. If the blocking player ties the roll then the re-targetting fails and the weapon's course is unaffected. If the blocking player wins the roll then the weapon in question detonates immediately and potentially damaging an adjacent ship as though it were a Mine.

          Lasers and Phased Particulate Lasers

          Lasers and Phased Particulate Lasers are both beam based energy weapons that dissipate over extreme distances but once a target lock is achieved are virtually impossible to dodge. Phased particulate lasers are better able to damage ships hulls and pierce advanced shielding.

          Matter Disruptors

          Matter Disruptors are short blast based energy weapons. They shred objects by working to disrupt the fundamental bonds holding it together. They can be very dangerous but are less able to bypass energy shielding and travel slightly slower than Lasers and Phased Particulate Lasers.

          Defensive Systems

          Defensive SystemEvasionProtection
          Armoured Hull-+1
          Energized Hull-+1
          Near-Frame Deflectors-+2
          Deflector Bubble+1+2
          Projectile Counter-measures+2-
          Guidance Jammers+3-
          Armoured Hull

          Simple and plain. Not very effective against Matter Disruptors and will need repairs from damage regularly.

          Energized Hull

          More effective than simply an Armoured hull against energy weapons.

          Near-Frame Deflectors

          Projected energy based force fields that deflect objects and blasts near the hull of the ship. Cheaper to operate while also provided a smaller buffer between any explosions and the hull itself.

          Deflector Bubble

          Projected energy based force fields that deflect objects and blasts at a greater range from the ship.

          Projectile Countermeasures

          Devices that either launch from the ship to fool and mislead guidance systems. They may also prove effective against simple projectiles by providing obstacles for the projectiles to impact with that are not the ship.

          Guidance Jammers

          More sophisticated guidance jamming systems to send missiles and some torpedoes off course.

          Communication Systems

          Communication SystemMaximum Effective RangeJammable
          Conventional RadioWithin Star SystemYES
          Subspace RadioWithin Local Star GroupYES
          Wormhole Communication SystemWithin Several Nearby Star Groups 
          Conventional Radio Relay ProbesWithin Star SystemYES
          Advanced Relay ProbesWithin Local Star GroupYES

          Sensors / Scanners

          Standard Active Sensors

          Sensors that scan the local area actively. The use of active sensors is easy to spot and can help others to pinpoint the location of the scanning ship.

          Standard Passive Sensors

          Lower power and accuracy sensors for scanning the local area. The use of these sensors does not generally bring attention to the scanning ship.

          Long Range Sensors

          Sensors able to peer well beyond the nearest star system and gather information from afar. Using the sensors makes one visible to any monitoring for that sort of activity.

          The use of active sensors such as these is easy to spot and can help others to pinpoint the location of the scanning ship.

          Internal Sensors

          Sensors used to check the interior of the ship more easily than visual inspection or the use of handheld sensor sweeps by crewmembers.

          Subspace Sensors

          Sensors that pierce the barrier through to subspace to allow for easier scanning of subspace for various anomalies, easier detection of tunneling ships, attempted tracking of subspace radio transmitters and receivers or other events and entities in subspace.

          Trans-phasic Sensors

          Advanced sensors that facilitate the study of exotic locales or objects and can make it easier to spot cloaked ships.

          Specialized Sensor Probes

          Probes launched from the ship that carry specialized sensors for pre-selected purposes. They are able to enter into more dangerous areas and bring a more specialized approach to the scanning of events and entities.

          Other Systems

          Life Support

          Maintains the living conditions on board the ship so that crew may move about without need of pressurized space suits.

          Navigational Deflector

          Mandatory system for any ship to engage in FTL travel or even fast Sub-light travel. It deflects small particulates and objects away from the ship to protect it and its crew.

          Mechanical Grappling System

          Simple mechanical system for attempting to tractor another ship. Attacks the ship as though it is as a projectile (without causing damage).

          Tractor Beam

          An advanced energy based system for attempting to tractor another ship. Attacks the ship as though it is a Phased Particulate Laser (without causing damage).


          Quick and easy way to transport personnel and materials to and from the ship. Maximal range is within standard orbital distance from a Earth-like planet. Active Deflector Shields and engages FTL drive block teleporters.

          Cloaking Device

          Makes the ship invisible to the naked eye and most primitive sensor systems. May be pierced by focussed near-field scanning with "Long Range Scanners" and other techniques. Consumes too much power to allow weapons targeting systems and energized defensive systems to function. Also cannot be used when FTL drive is engaged.

          Ship's Armouries

          Facilities stocked with weapons and other arms for use by personnel. If they are not present then personnel will have to provide/bring their own weapons. Armouries are equipped differently depending on their rank.

          -3TerribleThe armouries are only equipped with small melee weapons
          -2PoorThe armouries are equipped with:
          1 kind of small melee weapon
          either 1 kind of gun or grenades (acquired separately)
          -1MediocreThe armouries are equipped with:
          1 kind of small melee weapon
          1 kind of gun
          grenades (acquired separately)
          0FairThe armouries are equipped with:
          1 kind of melee weapon
          2 kinds of guns
          grenades (acquired separately)
          1GoodThe armouries are equipped with
          2 kinds of melee weapon
          3 kinds of guns
          grenades (acquired separately)
          2GreatThe armouries are equipped with
          2 kinds of melee weapon
          3 kinds of guns
          grenades (acquired separately)
          1-2 individual light artillery pieces (acquired separately)
          3SuperbThe armouries are equipped with
          2 kinds of melee weapon
          4 kinds of guns
          grenades (acquired separately)
          3-4 individual light artillery pieces (acquired separately)